Book review: Adrienne Monson's paranormal romance 'Deliverance' lives up to its name

Posted June 6, 2016

"DELIVERANCE: The Blood Inheritance Trilogy," by Adrienne Monson, Jolly Fish Press, $17.99, 280 pages (f) (ages 16 and up)

Paranormal romance author Adrienne Monson does a great job of concluding her refreshing version of vampire lore in “Deliverance.” In a glutted genre, Adrienne’s excellent story and characters stand apart to give an uplifting approach.

In the previous books, readers learned that Leisha was taken in by a nomadic tribe 2,000 years ago as a baby in Africa. Her adopted father, the shaman, pulls a demonic force into the world when trying to stop a horrible drought. Ptah is the demon and became the first vampire. He forced Leisha to become a vampire by threatening her child.

To atone for his mistake, Leisha’s adoptive father used his powers to create a race of immortals to battle the vampires. Leisha’s husband is disgusted by what Leisha has become and is the first immortal. They separate, beginning the battle between immortals and vampires. In modern times, the U.S. government experiments on vampires to make super soldiers.

Leisha befriends a 16-year-old psychic girl named Samantha, who saved Leisha from torture by a government group. Samantha becomes Leisha's human servant, friend and younger sister, and together they work to protect the Prophecy Child, who is said to have the powers of both the immortals and the vampires.

In “Deliverance,” Leisha and Samantha have their hands full trying to hide the Prophecy Child, Liam, from the different groups who want to find him and use his powers. They reunite with old loves, family members and friends in a desperate effort to help Liam find a way to fix the problem that began thousands of years before.

The Blood Inheritance Trilogy is a saga of family, friendship and sacrifice, and this third and final installment requires reading the first two books to understand the plot. Monson’s series is well-written and gets better with each book.

“Deliverance” contains some fairly graphic violent content with descriptions of vampires draining human blood. The sexual content is not graphic, but there are references to rape and consensual sex. The language is clean.

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