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Bond set at $500 for man accused of burning cross

Posted July 22, 2008

— Wayne County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Dudley man for burning a cross in a neighbor’s yard.

More arrests are possible, officials said.

Authorities arrested Dixon Steward, 38, of 125 Timothy St., and charged him with ethnic intimidation.

The sheriff’s office received a tip Monday about a cross that was set up and burned in a yard where an interracial couple live on Timothy Street.

Steward’s bond was set at $500.


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  • DredScott Jul 23, 2008

    He was TERRORIZING and attempting to instill fear in this people.

    Taliban, Al-Qaeda and others?

  • whatelseisnew Jul 22, 2008

    Yes the justice should be that he is charged with the appropriate charges; trespass being one, and whatever charges would apply for damaging property. There may be other charges that apply, but there should not be any that would not be a charge that can be applied to each and every citizen.

  • mugofstout2 Jul 22, 2008

    Old Tar Heel, I sure am.

  • ladyblue Jul 22, 2008

    It should be five million dollars bail........no excuse for such barbarian methods of intimidation.........

  • mom2allstar Jul 22, 2008

    denverbob234 - sounds like you probably helped him do it if you think he only needs a "Signature bond". when will people ever just mind their own business?!

  • raysson Jul 22, 2008

    Cross burnings? I thought in the 21st Century I thought we got way over this!!! Tell me the KKK still exists in various parts of the state!!!

  • denverbob234 Jul 22, 2008

    bond should have been a "signature bond" in a case like this

  • mom2allstar Jul 22, 2008

    I know one of the children from this family and this family does NOT deserve to be treated the way they have been. What business is it of anyone whether they are an interracial couple. Just as long as they love and respect each other and their children. And I know this family loves their kids. This is something that those children should not have seen. I believe the bond was set way too low and I believe someone should "show" this man justice!!

  • shoyaryt Jul 22, 2008

    I'm only commenting by what you stated... I asked would you be targeted by blacks simply because you were white. You replied by your personal OPINION; not experience. Then you stated "when someone robs YOU..." If someone is robbed, I would think they would state "I was robbed". If you were robbed... hey, I feel for you... been there, and they stole the T-shirt too, but your sentences led me to believe you were stating an opinion.

    But by saying "white boy" during the robbery, I would consider the statement racial; not the robbery.

  • Old Tar Heel Jul 22, 2008

    What are you talking about 'mugofstout?' I certainly hope you are not implying that this couple's relationship is somehow "indecent."