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Bond reduced for man accused of threatening Raleigh mayor

Posted March 3, 2014
Updated April 7, 2014

Alec Dane Redner appears in a Wake County courtroom March 3, 2014, for a bond hearing on charges that he threatened Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane.

— A Wake County judge reduced bond Monday for a Raleigh man in jail on charges that he threatened the city's mayor.

District Judge Ned Mangum set bond at $75,000 for Alec Dane Redner, who was arrested Jan. 15 after he allegedly sent Mayor Nancy McFarlane a message through her website in which he told her to "watch out" and that she would "soon" be "on the other end of the barrel."

Redner, who was still in jail late Monday afternoon, would also be on electronic house arrest at his parents' home as a condition of his pre-trial release, Mangum ordered.

The 27-year-old construction worker had been jailed under a $265,000 bond on a misdemeanor charge of communicating threats and felony charges of threatening an executive, legal or court officer and obstruction of justice.

Police added the obstruction charge last month after Redner allegedly sent his mother a Feb. 14 letter from jail instructing her to destroy a laptop that he said he hid in their home.

Defense attorney Collin Cook, who asked Monday for a $15,000 bond, told Mangum that the website posts were "immature and inarticulate" and had no direct threat of bodily harm.

"He's being held in jail on a bond I would argue is clearly excessive," Cook said.

Cook also argued that the state statute under which Redner is accused of threatening an executive officer doesn't apply to a city mayor.

But Wake County Assistant District Attorney Boz Zellinger said the statute is archaic and that Redner's bond should not have been reduced until he at least undergoes a mental health evaluation.

Mangum, however, disagreed.

"These are low-level felonies, so it's difficult to keep a high bond on somebody," Zellinger said. "Judges always want to do the right thing, and I think that's what happened here today."

McFarlane hasn't spoken publicly about the incident, but Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden said during a bond hearing last month that she was terrified for her safety and the safety of her family.

Redner's next court date is April 7.


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  • Djofraleigh Anderson Mar 4, 2014
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    A guy on the SE side of the city can be beaten down and when he gets home from the ER, the man assaulting him is already out on bail and walking by his house. But, this is our mayor, so a threat to a public official is a threat to all of us or our system might fail. This guy seems to have a history so I imagine Mayor McFarland is scared, has taken measures, probably has to gun now, for I would be too. She might lean a bit to the right after this. She will empathize with the common citizen now. I'm for her and think the guy should stay in jail same as if it had been a judge or police officer....oh, wait....cops get this all the time. Well, just because of that expression on his face, I say put him back in jail and evaluate and investigate him further. Can't trust his mom, either.

  • Mods Hate Me Mar 4, 2014

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    So much truth in this. This guy made a threat on the internet and got a $265k initial bond. The plastic surgeon that killed the ballerina while driving drunk had an initial bond of only $250k. It will really be silly if this guy ends up with a longer prison sentence.

  • mcorson2 Mar 4, 2014

    I agree with DIDISAYTHAT- the dude has issues and needs to be delt with... sad when your 27yrs. old and still live with parents? uh, there's your sign and then some.....

  • didisaythat Mar 4, 2014

    This dude has problems and he needs to be dealt with. It may not be an assassination attempt on the mayor, but going to the mall and shooting up innocent people to make a point. I am glad they arrested him and wished the bond was higher.

  • givemeabr8 Mar 4, 2014

    He should have never been arrested and given such a high bond to begin with especially when the city's finest treat everyone else who is threatened as not important. The likely hood that our mayor was scared and truly believed that the alleged threat by this individual was going to be carried out is slim to none!!!! The general public cannot expect to have law enforcement go to this extreme for us.

  • LocalYokel Mar 4, 2014

    The "justice" system locks up people for words meanwhile bad drivers regularly assault people physically and the "justice" system looks the other way.

  • Wacky_dood Mar 3, 2014

    "These are low-level felonies, so it's difficult to keep a high bond on somebody," Zellinger said. "

    Well then, maybe we should make these high-level felonies...