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Bond lowered for man found with bag of bones

Posted November 4, 2010

— A Superior Court judge on Thursday set a $750,000 bond for a Mebane man accused of carrying a set of skeletal remains in a backpack.

Michael Charles Dorman II, 32, of 1411 Sundown Drive, is charged with murder and had been held in the Durham County jail under a $1 million bond.

Public defender Lawrence Campbell asked for a lower bond during a Thursday court hearing, and Judge Ken Titus granted the request.

Dorman was arrested in July after a friend of his told investigators that Dorman told him he had killed a prostitute in Durham two years ago and needed help disposing of her remains.

Investigators said the friend also told them that Dorman had been keeping the remains in a suitcase at his father's home.

A medical examiner identified the remains as those of Lakeia Boxley, who was reported missing in March 2008. The medical examiner determined that she died from a shotgun blast.

Durham County District Attorney Tracey Cline said Thursday that she doesn't plan to seek the death penalty in the case.


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  • anne53ozzy Nov 4, 2010

    This "humor" is lost on me from some of these posts. If these were the remains of your loved one or of this child Zahra who is currently missing, I do not think you would find this so amusing. RACISM again or classism..

  • anne53ozzy Nov 4, 2010

    Why is the bond lowered? What is the legal standard to determine this?

  • Diabolical Nov 4, 2010

    I'm sorta of thinking of the book "Of Mice and Men". ;p

  • esprg Nov 4, 2010

    um @ Diabolical...isn't it obvious...carryed bones in a bag for a missing person dead since 2008! Unless he had become attached as Tom Hanks did w/'Wilson' I could see you asking that question.

  • Diabolical Nov 4, 2010

    would be nice to know the mental capacity of this guy.

  • Mugu Nov 4, 2010

    This guy should not be bonded out and let out into public, ever again.

  • BubbaDukeforPresident Nov 4, 2010

    If they can't get the asking price for bond nowdays, hang around awhile in jail and catch a deal! The closer we get to the holiday season, the cheaper it will be to bail out your own criminals.

  • holmesap Nov 4, 2010

    The judge lowers the bond on this man !So if you go kill someone and walk around with the bones for 2 years your bond gets lowered Maybe the judge needs to have this guy over to his house for ThanKsgiving dinner. He can give him the turkey bones !

  • Fredrick Bimmell Nov 4, 2010

    So let me get this straight ...... This extra chromosome, Deliverance looking fellow kills a prostitute, keeps the remains and walks around with the bones in a backpack ...... and the Judge lowers bond and the Death penalty will not be sought?!?!?
    Am I missing something?!?!?!?!?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Nov 4, 2010

    Isn't that Huge from "Lost"? Maybe the bones are part of the show...

    Seriously, though...about what some folks have been saying here...do you think we should treat people as "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law"?