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Body found under Fayetteville home

Posted June 17, 2011

— Police were investigating Friday after a body was found underneath a Fayetteville home.

The body of Tony Locklear, 31, was found in the crawlspace of a home in the 200 block of C Street shortly before 9 a.m., police said.

Police said Locklear was a plumber. The cause of death wasn't immediately known, but investigators don't suspect foul play.

His body was sent to the State Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.

Public Works Commission crews had to shut off power to the home so investigators could safely recover Locklear's body.


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  • wildgentle1nc Jun 17, 2011

    WRAL, get it right, your title is misleading, it should read "Plumber dies while working under house in Fayetteville." Your headline makes it look like he was missing.

  • ncmedic201 Jun 17, 2011

    Some of you read way too much into stories without having facts. There is nothing in this story that says he was missing prior to today. He may have started the job early this morning and the homeowner got concerned when he was in the crawl space for so long...who knows!

  • mlbrisson Jun 17, 2011

    RB- the word bet means (what someone expects or is likely to happen)

    I can not count the number of houses that I have been under where someone has spliced wires without juction boxes and wire nuts. When the next man enters this dark space, it is easy for him to come in contact with these bare wires. More people are killed from 120 volts than any other voltage. I don't know that this is what happen, but it is a good chance it is. No snake or spider would kill a man this quick. This has happened in the past and still does. He could have had a heart attack at 31.

    My prays go out to his family, and with all due respect this is just my comment but I think I will go to the fish market to get a haircut.

  • MudLife Jun 17, 2011

    How can you not suspect foul play? If he was a plumber and i'm sure he drove a van or truck to the persons house to do the job someone had to notice a plumbing vehicle in the yard. What happened to that? I'm sure they have to report to a boss or something and family members or a spouse had to know he didn't come home....sounds fishy.

  • lorawatson Jun 17, 2011

    Sorry for the death of this man. My question is, if he was a plumber and "supposed" to be doing work at this house, how come no one noticed him missing or still there after an extended period of time? How do you "find" a body like this? Was he not supposed to be working at the time? I think the heading is very misleading and the story doesn't give you the facts.

  • airbornemonty Jun 17, 2011

    Sounds like a heart attack to me. Heart attacks are not common at that age, but it can happen to anyone and age certainly isn't an indicator of health.

  • itsmyownopinion Jun 17, 2011

    Couldn't he have had a heart attack, a severe asthmatic attack, or something physical, rather than an electrocution? This reminds me of the two guys found dead in a manhole recently.

  • carolinabluegrassfan Jun 17, 2011

    Just an example of how people read something and immediately jump to conclusions...another news source is reporting that firefighters had to cut a 3' x 3' hole in the floor to access the body, which would have been a good reason to turn off the power to avoid any issues if they cut into any wiring during the recovery.

  • clayton bigsby Jun 17, 2011

    and where did any of you read that he was electricuted. it could have been anything.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jun 17, 2011

    brisson - "I bet this is the work of a jack-leg electrician, if wired by a licensed electrician this would not happen."

    We don't know that, and licensed electricians have accidents too you know.