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Body found in Vance field was missing Henderson man

Posted September 8, 2011

— A body found a week ago in a Vance County field has been identified as a Henderson man who was the subject of a Silver Alert last month, authorities said Thursday.

Quentin Yarborough, 32, was last seen by his father on Aug. 4, and the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons issued a Silver Alert on him six days later.

The state Silver Alert system is designed to help locate people who suffer from dementia or some other cognitive impairment.

A man cutting grass last Thursday found a body in a field off Old County Home Road, west of Vance Academy Road. The field is near the area where Yarborough was last seen.

A medical examiner used dental records to identify the body as Yarborough's, Vance County Sheriff Peter White said.

White said investigators haven't yet determined if foul play was involved in Yarborough's death.


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  • 7sgd32 Sep 15, 2011

    PeaceForAll What i find strange is the way that this comment has upset you. You really should have stayed out of the kitchen if you could not take the heat.Others just like yourself have their own opinions. Yes their are rumors there is probably going to be more rumors or fact posted right here so the thing for you to do is think before you speak. Everyone has an opinion. So get adjusted to it.MAY YOUR DAYS AND NIGHTS BE BLESSED.

  • PeaceForAll Sep 13, 2011

    7sgd32 What I find "strange" and "creepy" is that you took the time to type such disheartening comments about a family during their time of grief. Do us all a favor and keep your "rumors" to yourself. ~Have a blessed day~

  • 7sgd32 Sep 9, 2011

    Rumor is that his mommy said that she dropped him off but it is written that his daddy dropped him off. neighbors are speaking of how this young man would fight his mother and his father.not long ago he hit his father took out his gun to protect himself the cops came and the young man was put in a mental institution for severaldays and prior to this he committed a serious crime. This is what I am getting to the day that he left itwas said that this man and his father was arguing in the car so loud that people in the neighborhood heard it. I am not trying to point fingers but it does seem strange that with this young man having a mental problem that they did not go to the police earlier.They waited 3 or 4 days. These are the things that I am hearing from people close to him. It just sound strange. CREEPY FEELINGS

  • BigMoneyJ Sep 8, 2011

    In the crux of a missing person case, given the fact that the field is on the same road, that the store he was dropped off at, and is only a few miles away, that truly is considered near.

  • jenn27537 Sep 8, 2011

    I live in VC and he was last seen on Raleigh Rd. The field is a mile from my house and it is about 3 miles, maybe 4 miles from Raleigh Rd. I am not sure why they are saying the field is "near" where he was last seen, cause it is not.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 8, 2011

    "The field is near the area where Yarborough was last seen."


    Didn't anyone search that field?

    Or bring in dogs to do it??

  • nclissy79 Sep 8, 2011

    I absolutely thought the same thing, debnamdavis

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 8, 2011

    Poor thing, to die all alone like that.

    Praying for those who loved him.

  • Scubagirl Sep 8, 2011

    SIX DAYS!!! a lot can happen to a person in 6 days. Maybe the relatives waited 6 days to report him missing.
    Very sad.

  • debnamdavis Sep 8, 2011

    If his body was in the area he was last seen, I wonder what efforts taken to search for him.