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Body found in Crabtree Creek

Posted July 23, 2008

— Police were investigating the Wednesday afternoon discovery of a body in Crabtree Creek near Crabtree Valley Mall.

A passerby called police at about 12:15 p.m. Wednesday to report something in the water near the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Lead Mine Road.

Police recovered the body of an unidentified Hispanic man and sent the remains to the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill for an autopsy to determine a cause of death and the man's identity.

Police were handling the case as a homicide, pending the collection and review of available facts and evidence, said Jim Sughrue, a spokesman for the Raleigh Police Department.

The man was wearing a belt buckle with a “Z” design on it; dark-colored pants with a small logo between the belt loops and the right rear pocket; and white Air Jordan’s shoes with green trim.

To preserve the scene near where the body was found, police closed the Capital Area Greenway between Glenwood Avenue and Northbrook Drive for a short time.

Anyone who might be able to assist with the man's identification or who has information about the case is asked to call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-890-3555.


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  • SubwayScoundrel Jul 24, 2008

    homanicous, if you were a public servant and worked for me and thought people calling you were "idiots" , especially being the defender of public saftey, I would fire you faster than you would ever know.

    Even if you worked at private company, you would be gone.

  • Raleigh Pioneer Jul 24, 2008

    Bomanicous, I'm not trying to dictate anyone's work schedule. I'm simply suggesting that there be a police presence on the greenways once in a while. I spend a lot of time on them and have never seen a police in uniform anywhere close.

    I'm not blaming the police for anything... just pointing out that perhaps they shouldn't be so rude on the phone. Isn't community involvement supposedly encouraged?

    The way things are going around here, I'm seriously considering getting my concealed carrying permit.

  • bomanicous Jul 24, 2008

    'I called Raleigh PD and asked them if they could please patrol around there once in a while, and told him of what we had just seen. He acted like I was a total idiot suggesting such a thing and gave me the number I would need to call to report a specific crime. Way to listen to the citizens, RPD!'

    If someone ( a total stranger) was to call in my work schedule with nothing to back it up I would think they were an idiot too. Just for the sake of the argument; suppose the police were dumb enough to let the public dictate their day to day operations and everyone (even the bad guys) new they could influence them to places they don't need ,,,nevermind it's not worth my time to finish this...

  • something2say Jul 23, 2008

    Another body in Wake County! It is getting scary out there to walk or run!!! Take your cell phones, take id and stay in open public places. No more walking or running trails unless you have a running group! Sad state of affairs!

  • ralkopten96 Jul 23, 2008

    I love how a body is found and the citizens of raleigh automatically blame the police, lets rethink this one. How about we blame the person(s) that committed this crime?

  • BLOCKHEAD SQUARED Jul 23, 2008

    Finding a dead body/person is not one of the things on my bucketlist !

    What's with all these people being found dead lately ?

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 23, 2008

    RPD is hiring. U seem to have all the answers. Join and show them how it's done. It's easy to set back and criticize.

  • bomanicous Jul 23, 2008

    'homeless people live there under the bridge at Crabtree'

    I was thinking homeless too but they're ruling it a homicide. Still could be a homeless person but not natural causes.

  • Raleigh Pioneer Jul 23, 2008

    Raldude, I realize the police force is stretched thin. However, I am frequently on greenways throughout Wake County and I have to say that I've never seen a policeman patroling any of them... unless they were in plain clothes. It would be nice to see a 'bike cop' once in a while just keeping things on the up and up. If there is never a police presence, what is to deter people who are up to no good? With the greenways being out of sight, I could totally see those areas becoming crime-ridden very quickly. We are very fortunate to live in an area with so many miles of paved greenways, and it's a shame if we (taxpayers) don't feel safe using them.

  • momof3inNC Jul 23, 2008

    Raleigh Pioneer-It's not only the RPD, it's all of them. I along with other people I know have called to report various things before and they do, they act like your stupid. I guess someone has to actually be dead for them to care. I always wonder why on the news sometimes they will say, call so & so to report any suspicious activity...it's like why bother? They won't come & they make you feel dumb. Anyway-- I hope this person didn't fall victim to foul play.