Board: 612,955 voters have no record of a DMV-issued ID

Posted January 8, 2013
Updated January 23, 2013

Voting in N.C., voting generic

— If lawmakers follow through with plans to require voters to show a photo identification at the polls, more than a half million registered voters could be affected, according to a new analysis by the State Board of Elections. 

In an analysis issued this week that updates an 2011 report, the board reports that there are 6,624,672 active and inactive voters on eligible to vote in North Carolina. Of those, SBOE found: 

  • 5,007,790  have a valid drivers license or state issued ID based on an exact match of their name and their DMV license number.
  • 315,040 have a valid ID based on exact match of their name and the last four digits of their social security number.
  • 688,887 may have a valid ID based on an exact match of their name and date of birth.

That leaves 612,955, or 9.25 percent of registered voters, for which no match could be made. These voters may not have any DMV-issued identification. Of those, 506,763 are active voters, those who have voted in recent elections. There are more Democrats than Republicans on the no-ID-match list, 324,997 to 141,149. Unaffiliated voters numbered 144,968. The racial breakdown showed that more than half of those who likely didn't have a state-issued ID were white. 

Exactly how a voter ID law would impact those voters would depend on specifics. Some versions of the bill would have allowed voters to use expired licenses or licenses from other states. Other versions require current state-issued ID cards. 



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  • jrfergerson Jan 11, 2013

    Cinthia Marroquin, 22, who lives in North Raleigh, applied for deferred action in October and expects to receive her work permit by the end of the month. HER FIRST STOP AFTER GETTING HER SOCIAL SECRUITY CARD was the DMV – until now. The bold words here should disturb every American in the USA.
    Groups that promote greater immigration enforcement applauded the N.C. DMV’s decision not to provide driver’s licenses to people here illegally. Ron Woodard, president of N.C. Listen, said President Barack Obama, by allowing the deferrals, unconstitutionally granted one group of illegal immigrant amnesty. He said members of his group contacted legislators and leaders of the Division of Motor Vehicles, encouraging them not to grant licenses to those who received the deferrals. “Just because our president has done something unlawful doesn’t mean our state should also do something unlawful,” he said. Well said Mr. Woodard.

  • commonsence Jan 10, 2013

    How many of them voted??? show us that number!!!

  • Hill55 Jan 9, 2013

    Good analysis!

  • RonnieR Jan 9, 2013

    DMV is not the only issuer of photo IDs.

  • lazydawg58 Jan 9, 2013

    If the legislature passes an ID bill for voting they will not only have to include provisions to provide FREE ID's but also major additional funding for manpower and technical upgrades to the Board of Elections offices in each county. If they do not expect major backup at each polling place. This will be an extremely expensive exercise in stupidity. How many provisional votes will have to be cast as license addresses don't match, newly married females have conflicting last names, voters show up without their ID but want to vote etc. etc. Imagine being in the back of the line waiting for all these problems to be taken care of. It will accomplish the voter repression the Rs are after but at great cost to democracy. Next they will want to require voters to be property owners.

  • driverkid3 Jan 9, 2013

    I have lived in NC, GA, NY, AZ, PA, along with FL. I had nothing but a driver's license from each state, and all of them accepted that as ID for voting. NC has NEVER asked me for ID, but I will show it every time. We need this law. Even one illegal vote is one too many, I don't care which party they vote for.

  • mikeyj Jan 9, 2013

    Sooo I asks myself how many of those registered to vote that did vote; drove themselves to their polling station with no drivers license from NC or any other state. Hmmmm. Cmon WRAL let's see some in depth investigative type reporting on some real numbers now can we?

  • hp277 Jan 9, 2013

    The state will be required to provide IDs for free for voters who want them. This is going to cost the state millions - all to solve a non-existent problem.

  • wdkanesfan Jan 9, 2013

    "Unaffiliated voters numbered 144,968. The racial breakdown showed that more than half of those who likely didn't have a state-issued ID were white."
    So a majority of those without an ID are white. That answers the question of why this isn't FRONT page news. This isn't a RACIAL issue now is it?

  • dwbenfield Jan 9, 2013

    If the law passes, than the state should pick up the tab for copies of birth certificates as well as making photo IDs free. That way there can be very minimal disenfranchisement.