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Blue lights monitoring Fayetteville red lights

Posted April 1, 2013

— Police are targeting busy Fayetteville intersections to cut down on collisions.

Fayetteville has one of the highest accident rates of any city in North Carolina. Last year, more than 12,000 crashes in the city caused injury or more than $1,000 in damage, and those numbers don't include the hundreds of smaller fender-benders.

Police have launched the Crash Analysis Reduction Strategies program, or CARS, to focus on three intersections each week in marked and unmarked cars.

"The main thing we're seeing is the rear-end accidents, people not paying attention, people trying to rush through a light, not paying attention when someone stops on a yellow and rear-ends," Sgt. Richard Silverest said.

CARS began two weeks ago, and police check crash reports to determine where to ramp up patrols.

Last week, police issued 13 citations to drivers at Skibo Road and Swain Street, 23 citations at Cliffdale and Skibo roads and 51 at Sycamore Dairy and McPherson Church roads.

Fayetteville Police Department cruiser Fayetteville police ramping up patrols at troublesome intersections

The three intersections had only one collision among them during the week.

"We've been focusing on people's speed coming up to the intersection, seat belt violations (and), of course, the red-light violations," Silverest said.

Country Club and Murchison roads is one of the intersections targeted this week. Driver Harry Davis said he often sees collisions there.

"People (are) trying to beat the light because there are so many people. It's bumper to bumper," Davis said. "People (are) trying to outrun the light. Just take your time. Go when you're supposed to, and stop when you're supposed to."


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  • unpublished_1 Apr 2, 2013

    Fayetteville has some of the WORSE lights in all the places I've been to in this world! I've NEVER seen such an UNCOORDINATED city when it comes to there lights! That's no excuse for citizens running them & causing accidents, but I can understand why peep do run them. They need to get their lights in BETTER SEQUENCE! Take some lessons from Wilmington, NC, their lights are in such sequence that when you go thru one green light, u know the next one ISN'T going to be red!

  • joepro1964 Apr 2, 2013

    Texting while driving is at epidemic levels. That should be a priority as part of this operation. BTW, there are very few "accidents". Majority of crashes are because of inattentive drivers which is no accident. Inattention is on purpose behavior. Also too many drivers sitting a red lights not paying attention and when it goes green they sit there. That burns me up.

  • rednek Apr 1, 2013

    The most effective deterrent are red-light cameras and we outlawed them in NC (along with helmets for motorcyclists). Yes indeedy, make perfect sense to me.

    No if we could just get rid of the seat belt law, the legislature would be batting 1000. I agree seat belts like motorcycle helmets are a good idea and SHOULD be worn; I just DISAGREE that the government should force people to wear either.

  • Billy_B0b Apr 1, 2013

    $1000 in damage seems pretty reasonable, lol.

  • GoGreen Apr 1, 2013

    The most effective deterrent are red-light cameras and we outlawed them in NC (along with helmets for motorcyclists). Yes indeedy, make perfect sense to me.