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Blue Cross reaches out to Latino community for ACA

Posted December 7, 2014
Updated December 8, 2014

— With the Affordable Care Act’s February 15 deadline approaching, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina wants as many people as possible signed up.

Even if it involves fruits and vegetables.

Blue Cross representatives were at Compare Foods in Durham on Sunday to sign up Hispanics for health insurance.

Only 11 percent of those who signed up for insurance under ACA, also known as "Obamacare," earlier this year were Latino.

“Nationwide and statewide, it’s one of the most uninsured, Hispanics and African-Americans,” said Gustavo Berna, a Blue Cross senior marketing strategist.

The insurer has hired a sub-contractor that specializes in the Latino community to help register more Hispanics.

Benacio Bunija, who is uninsured, said he now feels more comfortable about health insurance after speaking to a Blue Cross representative at the supermarket. A health plan will cost him about $600 a month.

Insurance companies know that people do not have much time to register.

“The difference is we don’t know if the government is going to extend..so now we have limited time to enroll everybody,” Berna said.


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  • iron fist Dec 8, 2014

    Affordable? Rates continue to rise

  • davidgnews Dec 8, 2014

    Good luck with that. I work P/T retail and most of those that come in never have a shred of any American documents, including insurance.

  • Jack Jones Dec 8, 2014
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    My rates have stabilized and coverage hasn' changed; before ACA our rates were skyrocketing unpredictably and insurance companies could cancel policies if you got sick.

  • UNC006 Dec 8, 2014

    Reach out with less doctors. The higher costs and doctor shortages were predicted four years ago. BCBS now thinks they will have enough young healthy payers to offset the costs- the math will not add up, hello...


  • archmaker Dec 8, 2014

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    um...the whole point of insurance is to get as many people paying in the system to spread the cost/risk. if you are already paying, what exactly do you want? nobody ever gave the free toasters to long-time customers...

  • Jeff Johnson Dec 8, 2014
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    Here's an idea, make them pay up front of don't provide treatment. Stop profiling and spending our policy holders premiums on reaching one segment of the population.

  • umop apisdn Dec 8, 2014

    $600 per month!?!

  • cpdtg Dec 8, 2014

    Yeah they are after them when I have been with BCBS for years and my cost has gone thru the roof to the point that I have to find other plans MAKES YOU WONDER WHAT AND WHO MATTERS

  • ncouterbanks69 Dec 8, 2014

    Why in the heck pay for insurance when all you have to do is go to the ER for the sniffles, or anything else wrong with you, and skip out on the bill so that others have higher rates?