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Bloody knife found in dead man's SUV after wreck

Posted January 10, 2011

— Police found a bloody knife inside the vehicle of a man who died on New Year's Day when his disabled vehicle was hit on Interstate 440, according to a search warrant returned Monday.

Adolphus Markeith Cannady and Donsha Worsley were pushing Cannady's disabled Ford Explorer in the far right lane near the New Bern Avenue entrance ramp in the early hours of Jan. 1 when they were hit by a Dodge Charger getting on the highway.

Cannady was killed, and Worsley was treated at WakeMed for non-life threatening injuries.

Officers investigating the incident found a blood-smeared knife inside the Explorer, a search warrant states. There was no indication where the blood came from.

The driver of the Charger, Michael Newkirk, 44, was charged with felony death by motor vehicle, driving while impaired, felony hit and run, felony serious injury by vehicle and driving with a revoked license in connection with the wreck and Cannady's death.


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  • esprg Jan 13, 2011

    @Morgan4...lol I agree w/you don't you get it, that's text talking :)

  • morgan4 Jan 12, 2011

    brownkoya needs to learn how to spell wow

  • CarolinianByChoice Jan 12, 2011

    wolfheel tarpack - I was going to respond to your comments about how information provided on the DOC site is interpreted. After reading the unfounded accusation you made about Mr. Cannady wounding someone or something with the bloody knife I realized it was a waste of time. I just checked, and no additional information regarding the nature of the blood on the knife or who it belonged to has been released to the media. While this forum is to encourage ideas, I would rather debate facts, not someone's wild speculation/assumption.

  • Wolfheel Tarpack Jan 11, 2011

    Carolinianbychoice - actually the DOC lists his probation as ACTIVE (on first screen), then it states his location is unknown, and HE terminated parole. This does not mean FINISHED or closed it. It means he no longer shows up. Good reason to dig further by the police into all folks involved here. Also, another great release by the "justice" folks in Durham -- murderer with a history on the loose. He'd still be alive if they'd done their jobs and whomeber or whatever Markeith used the knife on would not have a wound. Newkirk would hopefully be stopped for drunk driving without any injuries. Hopefully, this causes Newkirk to stop drinking and driving and protects the public from more drunk driving injuries and deaths.

  • brownkoya30 Jan 11, 2011

    Markeith cannady wuz my best friend he wuz my kids god father. N he wuz killed by a heartless pers who did not care about his life or others. He took a special person out of our world.n y'all r talkn bout his past n a knife. Which no of this should matters d matter n hand should b he wuz killed we want justice. His past wuz his past leave it there...let's us grieve b/c y'all can't take our mem. So if y'all did noy him then plez don't judge him. He wuz 2 good of a GUY to be look @any dif. Find something to talk about lk the drunk eyes. How cn it be three people n a car but nobody see him r u serious 6eyes. He wuz a Gud MAN n wuz loved by plenty. He would gv u d shirt off his back. He always seen d gud n people n U. It hurts 2read these comments. N when he did get out of prison he servered his tyme. He wuz about his family he wuz young when got locked up but he wuz a man when he came home. He took care of every thing he wuz dat person. If u needed to talk u could.call him any tyme of day

  • brownkoya30 Jan 11, 2011

    His GUD out weighed His BAD. He wuz a gud guy all around he wuz raised by n amazing women. N she don't dis all these bad vibes.

  • CarolinianByChoice Jan 11, 2011

    @directmonologue: well said

  • airbornemonty Jan 11, 2011

    Don't be so fast trying to close the case, the authorities after all did find the bloody knife in his SUV. If the blood turns out to be human and it wasn't Cannady's then whose blood is it and that bears investigating.

    As far as I am concerned, the authorities are doing the correct thing trying to determine why there was blood on the knife if it turns out to be human blood.

  • monkeyboy Jan 11, 2011

    "It feel out of the charger into the Ford or Canady was cut by the knife because the impack forced the kinfe open and it flew thru the air and cut Canady which caused his death or someone had been out hunting....?" - sherlock

    wow. please stop posting until you learn english grammar and spelling...

  • directmonologue Jan 11, 2011

    Death does not absolve us from something that he may or may not have done. If the knife had been used in a crime, the police should investigate it just as if the person was alive or dead. However, I agree that this was premature. They should have waited until the police figured out whose blood was on the knife before they reported this. As for why the police got a search warrant, I will not speculate because there are many reasons why the police would get a search warrant.