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Black mold forces NCSU sorority members out of house

Posted October 11, 2012

— About 35 residents of North Carolina State University's Sigma Kappa sorority have been told they have to move out of the sorority's house by Sunday night after black mold was discovered recently around vents and light fixtures in several bedrooms.

Contractors for Beta Beta Land Partnership LLC, which owns the property and leases it to the sorority, has already started working to remove the mold, but to fully clean it, the students must move out for approximately three weeks.

Beta Beta Land Partnership did not respond to requests for an interview Thursday, but Gamma Phi House Corp., which oversees the sorority house, said the mold was found to be non-toxic and that group is acting in good faith to rectify the situation as fast as possible and will pay for students to live at the nearby University Towers, starting Sunday.

Some sorority members complain that they've been experiencing difficulty breathing in the house and that the mold has heightened respiratory ailments, such as asthma and allergies.

"I don't really feel comfortable being in my own house right now," said sophomore Lindsey Cox, who suffers from asthma.

She and other students say they've had to stay in hotels or with friends or family members as a result.

"It's been, like, a two-hour commute round-way for two weeks now," Cox said. "I didn't really sign up to be a commuter student."


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  • Scubagirl Oct 12, 2012

    according to the news last night the mold was tested and found not to be the 'bad' kind and they are doing this as a precaution. I don't think, but am not 100% certain, that anyone got sick. Plus I don't believe they have any grounds to sue the university---there's too much suing going on in this country as it is.
    Being injured is one thing (which no one was) but being inconvenienced is NOT grounds enough.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Oct 12, 2012

    Will the ladies sue the University?

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Oct 12, 2012

    WOW! Was anyone affected by the mold?

  • cw7790 Oct 12, 2012

    Mold can cause serious health problems. For accurate information about the health effects of mold, go to http://truthaboutmold.info and check out the Global Indoor Health Network at http://globalindoorhealthnetwork.com. Be sure to read GIHN's position statement that discusses the diagnosis and treatment of illness caused by mold.

  • Scubagirl Oct 12, 2012

    Glad to see the property owners/managers are putting them up for free until it's fixed.

    ""It's been, like, a two-hour commute round-way for two weeks now," Cox said. "I didn't really sign up to be a commuter student.""

    Someone needs to tell this young lady that at times life is not fair and you will be inconvenienced. Lots of folks didn't sign up for things that have happened to them and that they have to do to get through it. At least she's not going to have to spend money to live somewhere else.