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Bill Would Require 'Put Up' Before 'Pay Up' After Unwanted Annexations

Posted May 8, 2007

— People who live in newly annexed areas of towns and cities may get some protection against their taxes rising right away.

Some state representatives Tuesday introduced a bill that would keep cities and towns from collecting taxes in involuntarily annexed areas until the municipality provides basic services, which includes water, sewage, solid-waste collection and police and fire protection.

The bill would repeal the current law, which allows cities and towns to collect taxes for 60 days even before they begin providing those services.


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  • Heelzrule May 8, 2007

    i agree - this will NEVER pass - cuz it makes too much sense! CARY would not approve of this - so it won't work! LOL LOL

  • scooperhsd May 8, 2007

    This idea is only fair - which means it will probably die in committee on the way to the floor....

  • Justabum May 8, 2007

    I was a victim of Fayetteville's "Big Bang" annexation and I receive absolutly no benefit from living in the city - but I pay much more in taxes. It will be something like twelve years before sewer and water service is extended to all those who were forced into the city when I was, but the taxes started immediately. I am strongly opposed to the forced annexation of anyone.

  • applesmith May 8, 2007

    Hey what about the same idea for our elected officials. PUT OUT A LITTLE WORK BEFORE GETTING PAID UP!!!!!LOL LOL

  • applesmith May 8, 2007

    It will never pass, to much MONEY AT STAKE.To many Jim Black politicians with there hands on the spend buttons for it even to be looked at. Politicians do for other politicians NOT THE PEOPLE!!!!

  • drnc May 8, 2007

    This bill will never pass. Why? It makes too much sense.

  • St Ives May 8, 2007

    What people needto do is find out who is voting for and against the bill, let the politicians know your opinion. They vote the way the wind blows , so make some wind!

  • independent-opinion May 8, 2007

    CARY=Can't Annex Raleigh Yet

    Bet they'll try someday

  • JustMyView May 8, 2007

    "Some state representatives" -- it would be nice if WRAL reported who they are ---- but I bet the "introduced" bill dies in some committee - ever notice how politicians always support other politicians --- betcha the phone lines between Cary & Raleigh were buzzing when this hit the wire

  • usnn May 8, 2007

    Maybe it is like this already (I doubt though since what I propose is logical and logic doesn't exist in government) but it would be nice if cities gave homeowners who are being annexed the option of using the city services, if they don't want to use city water/sewer/garbage collection, they shouldn't have to pay for the city services. But, if they want the convenience of all of those services, then they can pay for it.