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Bill would let governor ration gasoline

Posted May 12, 2009

— Recalling the gas lines that panicked drivers last fall after Hurricane Ike disrupted fuel supplies along the East Coast, state lawmakers are considering a proposal that allow the governor to ration gas in similar situations.

Senate Bill 811 also would allow the governor to freeze fuel prices in the event of an emergency or market disruption. The Council of State would have to approve a price freeze to make it effective.

"This could be used to help local governments get fuel in tight market conditions for emergency purposes like fire trucks (and) police cars," said Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham.

Last September, Ike knocked out some refineries on the Texas coast, causing gas shortages and a price spike across the Southeast. Some area gas stations wrapped their pump handles in plastic bags and put up notices that they were out of gas, and long lines formed at other stations.


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  • wattsun May 14, 2009

    Diesel VW = uncomfortable??? Are you serious?
    You obviously do not know what you are talking about.


  • affirmativediversity May 13, 2009


    Have you ever had to go any real distance in a VW anything, let alone a Jetta?

    You might as well put a thin cushion on a skate board and hope for the best! They could get a 100 mpg and you'd HATE every mile of it!

  • Travised May 13, 2009

    The VW Golf Diesel gets 44-46 EASY. The Jetta Diesel Hybrid gets in the 60's if they ever allow it to be imported!!

    For "other" fuels; we FLY. WE had a 50gal can, a 30 gal can, and about 10 (or 12?) 6 gal cans we haul up to a 24 hour self serve station and fill up ALL OF THEM so we have fuel at the airplane (100LL) when we are on floats.

    Think about it, we filled up with 165 Gal or so once, with 300 POUNDS of fuel hanging of the rear hitch!!! That doesn't count the 6gal cans in the bed of the truck.

    The current "trend" is the fuel banks. You invest by buying gas at the current price, a minimum of 500 gal or so. You LOCK IN that price, and have that amount of fuel to "draw down" from at the stations of those "banks". So if it's going to hit $4/gal again, it may be worth investing in it.

  • gcfarms May 13, 2009

    I think it may be time to substitute our national anthem with "Back in the USSR" by the Beatles. We are getting there fast thanks to Obama and Perdue.

  • kcfoxie May 13, 2009

    To those who freak out about this: you can always (a) buy or build an electric car (b) buy or convert to a diesel car and make your own biodiesel from vegetable oil.

    The nice thing about diesel cars (non-mercedes) is they usually get a minimum of 40MPG and a high of up to 55mpg. Don't go down the road of using unconverted waste veggie oil, you're aksing your troubles with that. There are no free rides, but you can make both soap and diesel fuel out of veggie oil or animal fats for $500 in hardware and $300 or so in startup supplies -- those supplies last for well over 500 gallons (or 20,000 miles at 40MPG)

  • RonnieR May 13, 2009

    The police/fire/rescue squads running out of gas is a red herring. During the last rationing in the early 1970s (odd number one day,even number the next day) all the stations where I was
    at the time (Hertford County) let the volunteers fill up whenever they needed it. Same-same for the LEOs.

    The shortage we had here in Wake, after Ike, I never missed a call because of no gas.

  • iron fist May 13, 2009

    Just what we need more government control. Only thing that needs controling are the fat cats in the oil industry, and our elected officals.

  • affirmativediversity May 13, 2009


    Where were you when liberals were ranting against Bush. He was your President too...where is the respect for President Bush you so ardently demand today?

  • affirmativediversity May 13, 2009


    I'm not sure what planet you were living on last summer BUT there was a lot of complaints about gas prices.

    If I remember accurately the Republican's in Congress staged a protest and refused to leave DC because they wanted to take action on those very prices BUT Nancy Pelosi turned the lights off and shut down Congress so she and her Democrat buddies could campaign!

    Hmmmm, maybe Nancy and the Democrats should have DONE SOMETHING LAST YEAR...instead of STOPPING EXPLORATION and LIMITING DRILLING this year!

  • htomc42 May 13, 2009

    Why do we have people in high office, making one policy decision after another, without the faintest idea of basic economics?

    Capping the price is the best and surest way to guarantee shortages.