Bill would allow charter schools to have permanent tags

Posted May 21, 2013
Updated May 22, 2013

— Charter schools would be eligible for permanent license tags that exempt their vehicles from annual fees and inspections under a bill that cleared the House Transportation Committee Tuesday.

"What this does is simply recognize that charter schools are actually public schools," said Rep. Bert Jones, R-Rockingham. 

Charters are publicly-funded but privately run schools. Although they are exempt from many of the requirements imposed on traditional public schools, they are viewed as public agencies for other purposes, such as purchasing land. 

Some committee members were skeptical of the measure. The state recently ordered an overhaul in how permanent plates are issued. Reports found that many groups that should not have the plates had been issued them, costing costing the state money

Rep. Bill Brawley, R-Mecklenbrug, said he objected to the move because charter schools are not required to provide transportation to their students.

"We're not really making them operating these buses," he said. "They're choosing to do that." 

The measure passed on a voice vote. It will next be heard by the House Finance Committee.


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  • jackjones2nc May 22, 2013

    But private schools are NOT public schools. It's inappropriate to give these private for-profit corporations special privileges at taxpayer expense.

  • beaupeep May 22, 2013

    Hey, rubshot. You DO realize that roads are built and maintained by the tax collected on gasoline, right? If you buy no gas, you are not paying for the road you are using.

  • khemirby May 21, 2013

    Let's not be so critical. Charters are required to provide a transportation plan, but there is no penalty for not doing so. County schools could also decide not to provide transportation and put students and family at risk. We have unfair transportation restricts in Guilford County that deny students access already to high quality schools. Charters are publicly funded and need to be treated with equity.

  • jlp May 21, 2013

    GOP, bad for you, bad for me.

  • rushbot May 21, 2013

    This is a plan for the GOP to divert more of our tax dollars to their hoped for vast home school system of GOP Madrassas!!!

  • rushbot May 21, 2013

    what a load of horse barn sweeping this concept is..and they want to charge a tax on electic and hybrid vehicles for using the roads.. .. ..what kind of plastic surgery did they all get to allow them to talk out of both sides of their mouths with such ease???