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Bill Calls for Study of School Bus Seat Belts

Posted May 3, 2007

The North Carolina Senate wants to know if children would be safer on school buses if they wore seat belts.

Senators passed a bill Thursday directing the Child Fatality Task Force to study the installation and use of seat belts on school buses. Lawmakers want to know if seat belts will protect school bus riders during accidents.

Statistics show school buses are among the safest vehicles on the road when involved in accidents. But several emergency responders say seat belts can hinder efforts to get children off of buses quickly.

The bill, which now goes to the House, also calls for an estimate on how much it would cost to buy new buses with restraint systems and how much it would cost to refit old buses.


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  • rainy39 May 5, 2007

    They could make a panel to alert the driver to a unfastened seat belt and where the location is. However as everyone stated, bad move as far as financially. As to turning the seats around, yeah that would make really good sense for the deliquents to have their way with bullying, sexual contact or anything that the driver cant see. Buses have worked this way for more years than anyone cares to mention. Upgrade what needs upgrade and if it doesn't need it leave it alone.

  • Mike128 May 4, 2007

    So another adult will have to be on every bus to make sure everyone has their belts on properly??.. Like that will happen. An improperly worn belt is more dangerous than no belt at all.

  • Opinionated One May 4, 2007

    I just bought a couple of lottery tickets to supoprt this study! Ha... what a joke. I do hope these are winning tickets though!

  • normalthinking May 4, 2007

    if we are worried about the kids using seat belts as weapons we have a lot more to worry about than seatbelts

  • mag May 4, 2007

    As a bus driver, I feel that seat belts would just end up been used as a weapon by the other kids. Its hard enough making sure the kids don't beat up on each other as it is. What are you suppose to do when there is a k-1 child that can not un hook a seat belt. And what are you suppose to do, check each child when they get on the bus to make sure they put it on. That would mean holding traffic up even longer. And we got enough "people" now that try and beat the bus or just run right pass a stopped school bus.

  • normalthinking May 4, 2007

    truth of the matter is seatbelts cost more money so the school system has scared everyone into thinking its all about getting out quickly in case of fire.

    this is the same excuse the car companies used for years and why so many people were non compliant and died wastefully.

    I've seen many school buses which rolled over or were struck by another vehicle but a fire? when ?

  • his+torian May 4, 2007

    The seatbelt law is just a giant money maker for local governments, ask the politicians if it is that important to them for the publics saftey, why do 40 million children ride a school bus twice a day without seatbelts.

    I think it is important to wear them, but they shouldn't make money from it.

  • two cents May 4, 2007

    The baseball team from an Ohio college was in a large commercial bus, not a school bus used by K-12 schools.

  • danhoggard May 4, 2007

    Has anyone heard of a bus fire lately? Me neither.. I have seen one flip over and kill several kids though.. remember the Ohio College team last year. no seat belts.

  • youngerby5mins May 4, 2007

    oops it cut off the rest of my message...
    ...accident situations and quick evacuation is more likely to happen than needing children buckled up. Drivers in Johnston County have many hours of safety meetings and training every year - I feel we are the best in the area. I have never had an accident with "my kids" and feel if an accident did happen, I would worry more about getting children off the bus quickly than wondering if they are being hurt daily by bullies with belts.