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Bikers shed 'tough guy' image with toys for kids

Posted December 21, 2012

More than 30 Raleigh motorcycle clubs are trading in their bikes for a 40-foot trailer this week to make sure kids have presents this Christmas.
The Turning Point Motorcycle Club and 36 other motorcycle clubs are holding a week-long toy drive to fill a big trailer with toys for underprivileged children.
"It's the most gratifying thing I do," Keith Trigg, president of the Turning Point Motorcycle Club, said. "I look forward to this."
Someone is at the trailer 24 hours a day, and some club members have been sleeping there.
The motorcycle enthusiasts say in addition to helping children, the toy drive helps dispel stereotypes that all bikers are tough guys.
"The biggest misconception is when we get labeled out of our name, from a motorcycle club to a motorcycle gang," Trigg said. "It's important to give back to your community. We do that a lot."
The only noise these bikers are hoping to cause is revving their engines to drop off the donations.

"The ruckus they think we cause, it's nothing like 'Sons of Anarchy,'" biker Angela McKinnon said. "This is not a boys thing, it's an anybody thing." 


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  • Sanford_27330 Dec 27, 2012

    Lets look at the Patriot Guard.. Great Group for a Greater Cause. I am a member and I enjoyed being out there to honor the fallen hero(s).

    That being said, some clubs do things for publicity, to get there name spread and be in "spotlight". Others enjoy the ride and fellowship and brotherhood that comes with RIDING, If you dont ride you wont understand.

  • califemale209 Dec 21, 2012

    Going out tonight to the Kmart parking lot off of capital blvd with my husband (biker) to donate toys!

  • djofraleigh Dec 21, 2012

    Tough guy image of movies, or overweight, out of shape dressed up in costumes image - take your pick, but bikers are in general an independent minded, good-hearted bunch willing to risk life and limb on the crazy streets and willing to ride for our troops or little kids. Good to see organizations beside churches doing good for others.

  • qponmomof4 Dec 21, 2012

    @ncrepublican1776-- You dont really know what you are talking about...They arent bad because they are in a biker club. Matter of fact our family are law abiding citizens and republicans for what it matters, and decided that we were in a position to help out a family in need this year. We were put in touch with a local member who has put a lot of time and effort into giving this and every season, and he gave us info for a family that we were able to help today. It would be great if people like you would stop being so judgemental and condescending and instead appreciate what they are doing for the community.

  • daydreamnn Dec 21, 2012

    We too ride and have heard nothing about this. We'd like to donate our time etc of what left of the season. Can anyone tell us where thi strailer is or who to contact for more info....

  • ecave Dec 21, 2012

    I am a biker and a republican. I know not all rep think like rep1776 does...

  • mary032272 Dec 21, 2012

    ncrrepublican-you dont know anything about bikers, i am a biker and i volunteer for several charities in my community and i respect the laws.

  • tjszx2 Dec 21, 2012

    Get a clue, I'm a biker....gave 26 years of my life in the military so that bone heads like you can sit on your lazy rear and run your mouth about things you have NO knowledge of. Bikers don't get involved in their community for publicity, we get involved because we care, which is more than you could most likely say for yourself. When was the last time you lifted a hand to help out a person you've never met before?

  • califemale209 Dec 21, 2012

    I guess it was a cover up when the bike clubs went out on thanksgiving day and fed the poorest of all poor people who could not even push them selves in a wheel chair to get a plate of food but a biker was there to feed them when no one else would. Oh and by the way law enforcement also ride motorcycles.

  • T-GAN Dec 21, 2012

    @ ncrepublican1776 you poor poor fellow!