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Bids begin to roll in for N.C. stimulus projects

Posted March 17, 2009

— The state Department of Transportation on Tuesday released a list of bids for the first round of highway projects to be funded with federal stimulus money.

Of the 10 stimulus projects open for bid, only one will affect Triangle drivers.

Yates Construction Co., Inc. bid $13.5 million to widen Mebane Street between Huffman Mill Road and N.C. Highway 54 (Chapel Hill Road) in Burlington.

The bid was 15 percent below the initial estimate for the project. 

Six other companies also bid on the project, at costs of up to $15.9 million, but Yates was the low bidder.

Gov. Bev Perdue has announced a list of 70 highway and bridge projects to be paid for by the stimulus. Tuesday's bids were the first step in getting those projects started.


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  • pbjbeach Mar 26, 2009

    I personnaly feel that in the current state of the state ecomony that perhaps that some spending might be justified in order for job creation in order to pump up the ecomony but there needs to be a real needs justification for the work to be performed an not just some made up trump up works project by the pols to try an justify the need of the expenditure of these funds. an the cost need to be also justfied by the numbers of jobs that are being created within these fundings of taxpayers dollars thank you

  • pbjbeach Mar 26, 2009

    why is it that state highway inspectors that are primarily hired to be the agents of oversight within the ncdot arent being allowed to do their jobs an that being the enforcement of the state highway job specificiations for roadways an bridges. an if they as indivsual inspectors insist upon the enforcement of these speceficiations they are constructively dismissed from their jobs duties, retailatied against an forced out of their positions an in some casees unlawfully discharged from their positions within the NCDOT just for doing their jobs. Someone needs to have oversight of these contracts that are being let with this stimlus package monies for the politician in this state that are in the pockets of big business/highway contractors surely aren't instrested in protecting the taxpayers of this state dollars thank you

  • NCSUPackfan Mar 18, 2009

    "Yup take the low bid...gotta be the best one." -Rolling Along

    Doesn't the state law require that?

  • Rolling Along Mar 18, 2009

    Yup take the low bid...gotta be the best one.

  • districtcadvocate Mar 18, 2009

    What committment did DOT extract from Yates to provide decent livable wages to lawful North Carolinians or did the 15% savings come from the "slave" labor syndrome referenced in the recent N&O article on the competition between lawful North Carolinian residents and unlawful immigrants.

    Governor Perdue you owe your voters, those that helped you win your primary and subsequent generally election. You owe us your pledge of fidelity to us, our governor, as you dole out North Carolina's stimulus revenue. Your voters need to have any and all jobs coming forth. If contractors can not take that same oath of fidelity to the voters of NC then they need not be awarded by you any work.

    Therefore I hope as of this day Dempsey Benton is instructed to report out how many jobs North Carolinians received any time you notice the awarding of a contract and furthermore we need to know that the contract is not based on "slave" wages but rather putting North Carolinians to work.

  • gotittogether Mar 18, 2009

    Where is the money coming from to PAINT the "old revenue" building???? PAINTING is NOT a necessity. While we are cutting jobs and laying people off, the state continues to waste money on things that can be put on hold for a year. Since Beth Wood has moved into the building she has been demanding projects here and there...now she wants the building painted and about 15 painters showed up yesterday to put in bids!!! Utterly ridiculous! The spending is out of control!