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Bicyclist shot in Kinston

Posted August 23, 2011

— A 24-year-old bicyclist was shot in the leg on a path behind a Kinston restaurant early Tuesday, police said.

Al-Terrick Herring told investigators that three men approached him while he was riding his bike on a dirt path behind the Lunch Box in the 400 block of East Gordon Street, police said. Officers found Herring at 107 N. East St. around 1:45 a.m.

He had been shot in the right calf and was taken to Lenoir Memorial Hospital, police said. His injuries were not life-threatening.

Herring told police that the shooter wore a dark-colored hat with a white shirt around his face.

Police said that investigators are following up on all leads.


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  • Caroline Marie Aug 24, 2011

    And this can't be all the story........just shot him in the leg and left?

  • fayncmike Aug 24, 2011

    "I'll be the first to trash bikers..."

    Have a little consideration and learn how to properly share the road with bikers. They have as much right to the road as you do. Sadly though since here in NC people have no clue about driving, bikers of all sorts are in peril.

  • Hammerhead Aug 23, 2011

    One more thing to consider, if your are going 50 and the bike is doing 20, the net speed while passing is 30 mph. If the truck coming at you 50, that's a net speed of 100 mph. That truck will get to you long before you think it will because the bike is going the same direction as you are.

  • Hammerhead Aug 23, 2011

    cast, you were far to anxious to pass, chill out man. I drive AND ride a bike, I'm never in such a hurry that I'd put anyone in danger during a pass. I've always thought that that's why it's safer back home ( WI ), people are used to farm traffic and are pretty level-headed about things. It's not worth killing some one for your own impatience. scifion is right, this thread is about disregard for human life, apparently you need to recheck your driving habits. I am in the situation that you describe all the time when I'm riding. I shake my head and wonder why people can't just relax a little bit.

  • scifion Aug 23, 2011

    >>"I'll be the first to trash bikers..."

    fantastic, but in this thread? REALLY?!?

  • wwwalker Aug 23, 2011

    castnblast82, passing a cyclist should be treated exactly the same as passing a slow-moving vehicle. Technically, this means you can't pass on the double yellow line. More importantly, you have to make sure the opposing lane is clear. I wasn't there, maybe you did look, maybe it wasn't a no-passing zone, maybe you did honk as you were passing to make the cyclist aware you were overtaking him or her.

    If you did everything right, then that means on top of hurricanes & earthquakes we now have to worry about speeding log trucks appearing out of thin air.

  • castnblast82 Aug 23, 2011

    I'll be the first to trash bikers... You're making it unsafe for drivers and yourself by riding a bike at 10 mph on a country road posted at 55. Not long ago, I passed a biker and was almost hit head on by a log truck. We were both going 60 mphish, it was a slight curve and the timing was just right to where I felt safe passing him and all of a sudden I have a log truck in my face. I consider myself a very good and alert driver as I've been driving for my courier business for years now, averaging over 100k miles a year with no accidents so don't think it was "my" fault that some dingbatter was in the road. I have a bike in the very room I type this that is 100 percent safe and I get just as much exercise with it.

  • Hammerhead Aug 23, 2011

    Not trying to be a tool, razor, but kids who settle things with guns are just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of reasons that people commit violent crimes, adults, kids, whatever. I excuse absolutely none of it. Lock em' up.

  • razor2 Aug 23, 2011

    I stand corrected ... thanks. Yes Adults are equally responsible

  • ICTrue Aug 23, 2011

    "The Police does a great job, but there are too few of them, and too many criminals. It comes down to whether you feel your life is worth taking your self-defense serious." lorenait

    Not really. Actually there are too many of them. The problem is, if they arrest these criminals that whip through the revolving door justice system and are right back out on the street....So, they waste their time on things like Booze it and Lose it and other garbage like that.