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Beyond fear: Focusing on our Muslim neighbors

Posted December 17, 2015
Updated March 31, 2016

Recent high-profile acts of terrorism committed by radical extremists have created a growing fear in our world and in our community here at home. A political debate is raging about Muslims in America.

In 2012, the WRAL documentary unit produced a program exploring the lives of Muslims living in our state, and examined the anti-Islamic prejudice and discrimination that is fueled by the actions of Islamic extremists.

These are important issues to the people of North Carolina, so we have decided to revisit this subject.

We will focus on the people of North Carolina and our Muslim neighbors. How many Muslims live here and has that number grown in the last decade?

We’ll talk about the Muslim faith, the pillars of their beliefs, what the religion says about peace versus violence.

How are Muslims monitored in NC? How are suspected extremists reported, and how many local arrests have been made?

This special programming will not be about politics and the growing daily debate about allowing Muslims into our country.

Our mission with “On the Record Special Edition: Faith, Fear and Freedom” is to expand the dialogue beyond fear.

We hope you will watch and join this conversation.


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