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Best cobbler alert: Anderson & Daughters

Posted October 21, 2014

Anderson and Daughters apple cobbler at the N.C. State Fair.

— Wanda Long is continuing the tradition her mother started in 1969 - making the best peach and apple cobbler you will ever taste at the N.C. State Fair! 

I have been hooked on Anderson & Daughters cobbler since I started covering the N.C. State Fair a few years ago. It has since become my first stop every year! 

Based in Youngsville, this group also serves up baked potatoes, hot dogs, French fries and more. 

I even got fellow Out and About producer Caitlin Zanga hooked.

"Such a yummy fall treat to enjoy at the fair. This sweet dessert wasn't just a messy mush like some cobblers. The apples were still a little firm and there were caramelized bits of dough in the mix," she said. 

 Anderson and Daughters are located directly across from the Exposition Center entrance. 


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  • Crystal Jones Oct 22, 2014
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    OMG! I had this cobbler 2 years ago and couldn't find it in the sea of people this year. I have been talking about it ever since. :-( I wish they sold it somewhere else?

  • Barbara Sossomon Oct 22, 2014
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    You say based in Youngsville, so do they have a store in Youngsville, also?

  • Claytonmomof2 Oct 22, 2014

    ProgressiveRdneck -

    It's posted in the Entertainment section, because the fair is entertainment. And I applaud WRAL for drawing attention to some of the best items at the fair, because this cobbler deserves to be mentioned...it's AWESOME! Plus the family history behind this cobbler is an amazing story.

  • Progressiveredneck Oct 22, 2014

    So I have this nice email saying my comment was flagged for abuse? Because I say my wife's cobbler is good? ! ?

    Now I see why, this is by Kathy Hanrahan - this is not a news story, it's a blog/advertisement. It irks me how WRAL is putting advertising (they call it "new media") into the news.

  • Dona Hill Oct 21, 2014
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    Great compliment! Love to hear about you. Still miss those days ago when you guys owned the store at the corner of Forestville and Old Milburnie.

  • Claytonmomof2 Oct 21, 2014

    So youve had cobbler....even really good cobbler; however it is NOTHING compared to this. And the ice cream on top is a MUST!! This is the best cobbler you will ever taste. We fight the crowds, brave e-coli, avoid the gangs and gunfire just to have this cobbler. Its really the only reason we go to the fair.

  • wendyjacobs38 Oct 21, 2014

    It's very good! Ask for Wendy, she is the Daughter that is the best cook. LOL Wendy Anderson Jacobs