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Ben the Bear finds new home in California

Posted August 14, 2012

Ben, a 550-pound black bear, has lived in a 22-by-12-foot cage at Jambbas Ranch in Fayetteville since 2006, owner James Bass said. He lives off a diet of dog food and bread and attracts visitors to the ranch, which also houses goats and buffalo.

— A bear that was held captive for years in Cumberland County is now at his new home on the West coast.

Ben the Bear arrived at a bear sanctuary in California via FedEx.

The 550-pound bear had been living in a cage at Jambbas Ranch in Fayetteville since 2006. The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, however, alleged that Ben's living conditions were cruel.

Earlier this year, celebrity PETA activist Bob Barker, former host of "The Price is Right," wrote a letter to the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners calling the bear's treatment "miserable and unnatural."

A judge ruled ranch owner James Bass II violated state animal cruelty laws by not providing appropriate care. The judge granted temporary custody to two people fighting to free the bear.




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  • Riptide12 Aug 15, 2012

    BEACH - how can you say that Ben was much loved at the ranch. Anyone with common sense knows that a bear cannot live on a concrete pad and eat dog food! That is not love - that is abuse! Videos and pictures to be released soon from the group that fought to have Ben removed.

  • mautry Aug 15, 2012

    I got news for you the woods are full of bears, and the word is none of them are going to vote for Obama

  • BEACH Aug 15, 2012

    That ranch owner needs to have his tail in a cage for a few years.

    Before everyone knocks down this ranch, you might want to check out how many animals that Pet. group kills each year. Happen to know that Bear was very much loved at this ranch, do not believe everything you read in the paper. Ben was not treated bad no matter what you read.I am sure we will never see pictures of where he goes to in CA>

  • MatG Aug 15, 2012

    ""Ben"...the two of us need look no more..." Love it!!
    Love the PJ drop there! Now I have to find that song on my IPod and give a listen...

  • The Fox Aug 15, 2012

    Where the pictures of Ben Bear at his new digs?

  • devilblue Aug 15, 2012

    AWWWW!!!! Sweet boy. I hope he will be happy and get lots of love and attention.

  • bluecanary Aug 15, 2012

    I am so glad that Ben is in a better place now. Finally, this story has a happy ending.

  • royalnc Aug 15, 2012

    It's great to finally see a happy ending to this story. Just wish it hadn't taken so long.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Aug 15, 2012

    ""Ben"...the two of us need look no more..."
    Love it!!

  • Riptide12 Aug 14, 2012

    AWESOME news! So happy for Ben. I hope Jambbas Ranch closes and the other animals in bad living conditions there can go to better homes too!