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Beltline paving won't affect traffic, NCDOT says

Posted April 24, 2014
Updated April 25, 2014

— Paving began Thursday on the Interstate 40/440 project in Raleigh known as Fortify, but transportation officials said the work will not affect traffic.

Crews began paving the lanes inside barrier walls that are already up between the I-40/440 split north to beyond the Poole Road exit. Traffic will continue to maintain a two-lane pattern outside the barriers until paving is completed on the section by the end of the summer.

At that time, traffic will be shifted to the newly paved lanes while crews pave the exterior lanes.

Crews from Granite Construction are recycling the old asphalt removed from the highway and incorporation it into the new pavement mix. By using reclaimed asphalt, the need for virgin materials is lowered by 30 percent, officials said.

The recycled asphalt is being fed into machines at the asphalt plant built to support the project. It will produce nearly 2,500 tons of asphalt per day.

The state began work on Fortify, a three-year, multimillion-dollar project to rebuild 11.5 miles of Raleigh’s Beltline, in January.


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  • outhousecat Apr 25, 2014

    "Beltline paving won't affect traffic, NCDOT says. LOL"

    There. Fixed it for you.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Apr 24, 2014

    Yeah right, and I've got a dozen mountain acres is south Florida I'll sell ya.
    Geez, if we only had a nickel for the number of times we've heard that...

  • straitlover1965 Apr 24, 2014

    I think what they meant to say is that it won't affect it any further.

    Hardsckull22, if you mean the part of 40 headed towards downtown and Cary, that's due to be replaced after they finish this current work. No way are they goinna spend any money on soemthign they're getting ready to dig up. I just have to keep on bouncing, bouncing bouncing into work each day. :)

  • Jackson Smith Apr 24, 2014
    user avatar

    It already has impacted traffic. Saying it will not does not make it so.

  • Bobby Medlin Apr 24, 2014
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    That's fine and dandy, but what about the potholes already forming on just repaired sections. That part was completed a few years ago and is now falling apart. Shoddy work i think.