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Beltline clears after crash; driver badly hurt

Posted March 6, 2009

— Authorities said all lanes were open on the inner Beltline near Western Boulevard around 11 a.m. Friday after they cleared the scene of a one-vehicle crash several hours earlier.

Vernon Davis, 27, was traveling in the right lane of Interstate 440 when his vehicle went off the road.  He over-corrected and lost control of the vehicle, according to the wreck report.  The vehicle then overturned several times.

Davis was not wearing his seat-belt and was ejected from the vehicle, police said.

Emergency crews took Davis to WakeMed. He was in critical condition, according to a hospital spokeswoman.


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  • killerkestrel Mar 9, 2009

    As a responder to accients, I have seen cases where police and fire folks block a lane or completely shut down an interstate when they should allow traffic to move. Yes, responder safety is important, but traffic backups cause accidents too. Keeping the traffic moving in a orderly fashion helps keep motorists safe. I have seen where responders shut down a road improperly, and got killed because they thought a fire truck and blue light could close it down.

  • UNCGMom Mar 6, 2009

    When I think I've heard it all someone surprises me. I'm thinking the person involved in this accident probably didn't set out to ruin YOUR day or make YOU late for anything. I was an hour and a half late to work....said a prayer when I passed by the car....then was THANKFUL it wasn't me or my family and that being late was the WORST thing that happened to me today. Show some sort of compassion! Police on site were doing their job!

  • nannerrngr Mar 6, 2009

    It's amazing to see how many people actually cared that the EMS & Fire crews are safe while they do their jobs. Maybe one of you should be strapped and carried to the hospital next time. Wouldn't you want them to make sure you or your loved one is taken care of properly? I forgot the state and time that we live in now. It's not like it used to be. Make sure my neck doesn't move and paralize me. Just hurry the heck up and get the debris out of the road. I've got a something more important than a human life to take care of. What if he hadn't over corrected and it had been a vehicle malfunction? But who has time to investigate it properly? Shoulda closed down the entire belt line the whole morning to make sure things were done right. Yeah I said it.....make you people go a little out of your way for someone else. God forbid that happen.

  • ToTheBeach Mar 6, 2009

    And no, natebouquin, you are not a stupid teenager. You are the only one here to remind everyone that it is now state law to move over for emergency personnel. Good job.

  • grayboomerang Mar 6, 2009

    Did it ever occur to some of you that perhaps the driver had no control over this accident? For all you know, he had a tire blow out.

    Good grief people, do some of you have absolutley NO compassion?

  • ToTheBeach Mar 6, 2009

    Everyone please give a break to police officers, firemen and paramedics who try their best to handle these situations under extreme conditions. And be thankful that it wasn't you in that accident or any other. Did you ever stop to think that if you had left a few minutes earlier that it could have been YOU involved in that accident? People would see things differently then. Prayers to the victim and family.

  • lampagenda Mar 6, 2009

    Why should any of us care about this dude? Take him to the hospital and open the road. Why don't we all file a lawsuit against him for our time and gas he wasted?

  • twouptwodown Mar 6, 2009

    well said ladder

  • dogluvr26 Mar 6, 2009

    To those few pitiful individuals who can't help but inflate the importance of themselves and their time, how would you feel if it had been your brother in that car? I would hope that you might have a bit more compassion then; so, why can't you offer it now instead of whining over having to wait while brave people worked to save this man's life?

    I was once rear-ended by a pregnant woman, who wasn't wearing her seatbelt. She went through the windshield head-first. While I stood right next to the police officer and tried to comfort the woman, a man crossed over into oncoming traffic and screamed obscenities as he raced past us--almost clipping the officer and myself with his mirror. The situation was bad enough--it could've been worse. Closing some lanes to prevent uncompassionate and arrogant people (like those here whining) from killing those involved is not a bad thing.

  • moe7061 Mar 6, 2009

    there are allot of selfish people who think that the road only belongs to them. what if it had been you in this accident? how would you feel if a bunch of angry, impatient people drove by? especially rubber necking. when you get in this type of situation, simply pick up your cell phone, call your employer, and let them know you are stuck in traffic due to an accident. most employers are pretty understanding about this kind of thing. this has happened to me a couple of times in the last three years and has not caused me a problem, other than killing my clutch foot. what gets me is, someone will fly by me doing 90. i do the limit. they get stuck, but somehow i will catch up, and cruise right past them. go figure.
    and, when you see an aggressive, turn them in. whether they get caught or not, who knows, but at least you get the satisfaction if you see them pulled over a few miles up the road.