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Before the story airs: A cancer cluster in Wake County?

Posted April 26, 2013

Bruce Mildwurf

As a reporter, I am naturally curious. I came across this story by chance, but then again, does anything really happen by chance?

Alex Harris is a young man who was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening cancer. Through Make-A-Wish Foundation, Alex’s dream of going to the Super Bowl came true this year. I covered that story.

While speaking with his family, I learned some things that day that piqued my curiosity. Turns out, others living near Alex also had the same rare cancer. Coincidence? The families did not think so.

I knew right then I had to share this story. My intention is not to jump to conclusions or to invoke fear. As I began to seek answers, I continued to only have more questions.

Watch the story Monday at 5 p.m. and let me know what questions you have. Preview the story:


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  • rudy3 Apr 29, 2013

    If you don't like WRAL's web page, stop looking at it. Also, stop with your petty, worthless comments.

  • gopack54 Apr 29, 2013

    This will later turn from being a "teaser" to "breaking news". Everything they do a story on seems to be breaking news. I've started watching other stations because of it.

  • bjsmaison Apr 28, 2013

    The coincidence I find is that this story starts airing as the big May ratings book begins."Let's scare viewers and get them to watch this story.If we don't disclose the location,they'll get even more anxious and have to watch."Scare tactics,local news,ratings month.Off we go again.

  • maryfew1 Apr 28, 2013

    While most cancer clusters are nothing more than coincidence. The little I personally know about this situation goes far beyond the coincidence factor and frankly there are not as many coincidences in life as you might want to believe. More disturbing part, and I have no idea if this story will get into this, but outside of medical personnel this has been ignored. by accident or deliberate I don't know. I'm not big on the teasers either and I think this story should just air, not be teased out. I'm glad they are doing it and this is not like a lottery drawing. This simply would not happen. I would recommend going to and searching cancer cluster. The defining factors are easy to understand and in layman's terms.

  • djofraleigh Apr 27, 2013

    do we really need teasers on the web page? annoying --COMMENT

    I agree, and WRAL is so full of them during news hour that I turn to the net...they hired a new guy with a new idea -- bad idea.

  • common tater Apr 26, 2013

    do we really need teasers on the web page? annoying

  • NEinGarner Apr 26, 2013

    Please keep in mind that most 'cancer clusters' are just random occurrences. When you do the Quick Pick on the lottery ticket, the computer may randomly pick numbers that are close together (ie, 13, 15, 18). That is just chance. This 'cluster' probably would just be a blip if you observed this population over time.

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