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Beer truck gets stuck under Peace Street bridge

Posted December 16, 2009

— A tractor-trailer carrying Michelob Ultra beer got stuck under the Peace Street Bridge at North West Street Wednesday morning.

The driver, Lance Chandler Johnson III, of Garner, appeared to have simply underestimated how much room his truck would need to clear the overpass, according to the Raleigh Police Department report on the wreck.

The truck got stuck under the 12-foot, 4-inch-high bridge, and the impact peeled back the roof of the truck. The impact did not damage the bridge, police said.

Johnson was not injured.

A lane of traffic was blocked between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. after while a tow truck worked to extricate the truck.


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  • EZeegoing Dec 16, 2009

    Remember the RV motorhome that ripped his roof AC unit off a while back. He was not a "Happy camper".

  • wildcat Dec 16, 2009

    Not worthy news!

  • beachboater Dec 16, 2009

    He must have been "high" on something.

  • CrewMax Dec 16, 2009


  • CestLaVie Dec 16, 2009

    I know this guy. He is a local guy, so he should have known better, but who knows what happened. He used to drive for Papa Johns. As for penalties & fines being levied upon the driver, perhaps loss of his job will be penalty enough.

    My hubby used to have to make deliveries with his 53' trailer to a jobsite farther up Peace Street to that fancy high-rise across the street from Mickey Ds. He went out of his way to go around that bridge to get there each time.

  • Here kitty kitty Dec 16, 2009

    "The wheels on the [truck] go round and round, round and round, round and round..." Bartender, run out to the bridge and bring me a cold one!!

  • jbroome Dec 16, 2009

    "The driver..., appeared to have simply underestimated how much room his truck would need to clear the overpass"

    What is there to estimate? The height of the bridge and height of the trailer are known constants.

    If trailer >= height of bridge, go around.

  • mxteam44 Dec 16, 2009

    He was actually just delivering a bridge and ran out of gas!

  • maxx Dec 16, 2009

    Want beer? Go to Flying Saucer!

  • maxx Dec 16, 2009

    JDNCSU--Not a chance that any BEER was spilled. Colored water, yes.