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Beautiful in Burlap

Posted April 17, 2013

Eco-friendly, rustic burlap is a fun fabric for DIY projects. Add some rustic flavor to your design scheme with these DIY projects.

No-sew burlap curtains: You don't even need a curtain rod to hang these no-sew burlap curtains; just a few nails or pegs. To make these rustic-looking curtains, you'll need to affix a dark strip of burlap to a large light-colored burlap panel with Stitch Witchery. Then add curtain clips, and hang from either pegs, nails, or a curtain rod. Tie back the curtain with a big strip of dark burlap, and be sure to tie it in a big bow.

No-sew burlap valances: Well this is really easy. Cut a burlap sack in half, and either fold it and hot glue a curtain rod pocket into it, or just clip on some curtain clips. Hang from a curtain rod and make all of your friends so jealous that they will go out and ambush their local barristas for coffee sacks.

Painted burlap pillow: This is a sewing project, but it is an easy sewing project. The results look similar to a very fancy burlap pillow from a very popular furnishings catalogue. Sew together two long, rectangular pieces of burlap. Stuff with batting. Embellish with stencils and acrylic paint, as well as ribbon.

DIY burlap chair upholstery: Coffee bags, or any other burlap, make super cute upholstery fabric. Click through to see one blogger's instructions for upholstering a chair with burlap.

Burlap monogram wreath: There are many ways to make burlap wreaths. Burlap is natural-looking, flexible, and also holds it shape pretty well. If you want an earthy, rustic-looking wreath, have at it!

DIY jar lamp and burlap shade: For the low price of less than $20, you can make your own jar lamp and burlap shade, which are a very upscale look indeed. You'll need a thrifted jar base for the lamp, a wooden plug for the jar, a cheap drum shade, and some burlap to cover the drum shade. The plug (with all its electrical whosies and whatsies) will be the most challenging part of this project, but I think you can handle it.

DIY burlap matted frame: Matte is marvelous in burlap. Click through to learn how to make your own burlap matte.

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