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Basketball players scuffle after game in Bertie County

Posted December 10, 2009

— Coaches had to break up a scuffle Wednesday after a junior varsity basketball game at the Ridgecroft School in Bertie County, the headmaster said.

Ridgecroft and Halifax Academy players were shaking hands after the game when some of the players started pushing and shoving. When fans descended from the stands to join the fray, coaches stepped in, headmaster Elton Winslow said.

The Hertford County Sheriff's Office was called but no one was arrested, a dispatcher there said.

The schools canceled the varsity game that was to follow. Both schools are conducting internal investigations to determine how the shoving began, Winslow said. No one was injured.


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  • ncngwife Dec 11, 2009

    This makes me wonder if I should let my child play in the Halifax JV basketball tournament that is scheduled right before Christmas. I hope they have security during the tournament.

  • ggoss Dec 11, 2009

    I was at this game and saw whole affair. Halifax player upset at losing hit Ridgecroft player in chest while in post game handshaking line- same player had also done this to same Ridgecroft player in third quarter but not seen by ref/Ridgecroft player pushed offender and then Halifax player charged smaller Ridgecroft player while a Halifax adult fan came onto court and grabbed smaller Ridgecroft player- Ridgecroft players dad ran across court to help his son and melee then was on/ Ridgecroft fans ran across court to help father up from gym floor as he was being pummeled by numerous Halifax fans and they kept situation from getting worse/no more punches thrown as all were separated/ no law enforcement present at game/Ridgecroft father was simply trying to help his son and any other parent would have done the same/ Signed sorry it happened.

  • djcgriffin Dec 11, 2009

    I played HS sports, in a public school, (read- teenage day care center), and sparring was always going on because of testerone mixed with immature minds. ~kellyaustin96

    Because testosterone and immature minds do not exist at private school ever???? hmmmmmmm....

  • kellyaustin96 Dec 11, 2009

    It's a private school, so it was a scuffle. The authority figures were able to keep it under control. If it was a public school it would have been a riot. There are no competent authority figures at a public school.

    Please send your children to a public school, it will be less people for my child to compete against in the job market, LOL.

    I played HS sports, in a public school, (read- teenage day care center), and sparring was always going on because of testerone mixed with immature minds.

  • Skywatch_NC Dec 10, 2009

    Figured it was a private school when they referred to the "principal" as a "headmaster".

    The term school "headmaster" has been around for centuries. Like those who were employed in one-room schoolhouses e.g.

  • rangerrudy Dec 10, 2009

    WRAL...the school is in Hertford County not Bertie County. Also...it's near Ahoskie and Murfreesboro, not in Aulander.

  • bcb0517 Dec 10, 2009

    rrgirl. Why would Ridgecroft start it when they won the game? Only sore losers start mess like that. Ridecroft won the game, that was all the tail woopin they wanted to do that night.

  • tsuckitup43 Dec 10, 2009

    yeah im sure thats how it happened..NOT!

  • jdl2734 Dec 10, 2009

    rrgirl..were you even at the game? i was there and witnessed everything. what you said is not even close to the real story. before you post stuff up on a news website make sure you have your story straight. The "doctor" didnt hit anyone, just defending his kid from the obnoxious halifax fans.

  • dude1980 Dec 10, 2009

    rrgirl, you know thats not true and actually slanderous. Your player def started it in the line with a sucker punch and you know it. State the facts not exaggerations.