Baker Renewable Energy - Commercial & Home Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

Posted November 20, 2015
Updated November 23, 2015

Baker Renewable Solar Panels & Renewable EnergyBaker Renewable Energy is a solar company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in solar panels and renewable energy solutions for the home and commercial businesses in the Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina areas.

Baker offers engineering, procurement, construction and contractor (EPC) renewable energy solutions for photovoltaic solar plants, wind turbines, and solar hot water systems as well. The firm provides feasibility, engineering, permitting, construction, commissioning and O&M services for industrial, commercial, and government solar and sun energy solutions, catering directly to the needs of their clients and customers.

CBC Digital Elements CBC Digital Elements With experience in a number of different contract structures, Baker Renewable Energy helps their customers understand each available renewable energy option and helps clients with the data and knowledge necessary to make the right choice.

Baker Renewable Energy is the premier provider of renewable energy and green building strategies for commercial, residential and institutional customers around the Southeast United States. As a division of Baker Roofing Company, founded all the way back in 1915, Baker has become a leader in the industry, with awards such as the Engineering News Record's SE Specialty Contractor of the Year in 2011.

Baker specializes in photovoltaic solar plants, helping their clients not only save the environment with green and responsible, sustainable energy solutions, but they’re a solar power company that saves their customers money as well. Those who use solar panels and solar energy for the home or house will save on their power bills, not including potential government solar tax credits depending on the state. Contact Baker Renewables for home and commercial business solar panel plans and consulting.