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Babysitter charged with child neglect

Posted February 22, 2009

— Raleigh police charged a babysitter with child neglect after a 6-year-old boy went missing Sunday.

The babysitter told police the child was playing outside when he wandered off from 1532 Sunbow Falls Lane.

Police searched the apartment complex off Falls of Neuse Road for nearly an hour before finding the child playing with a friend at a nearby unit.

The name of the babysitter was withheld.


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  • Eduardo1 Feb 23, 2009

    As usual, lots of comments, with a very limited amount of information released: was the sitter from a registered sitting ? how old is the sitter? is this the childs regular sitter? what was the sitter doing when the child went missing? did the get references from anyone who this sitter has worked for? many more questions. I have been "full-time caregiver" for a grandchild for several years NEVER out of sight,when outside. On the inside, he is also under control. caregiving can be as much as 55 per week. If I have to pee, the child comes in to the house and is plunked in front of the TV for that period of time. This was done with our children & grandchildren

  • Adelinthe Feb 23, 2009

    "The name of the babysitter was withheld."

    Boggles the mind. Why SHOULDN'T parents seeking child care be warned of this person???

    When a child is in a registered child care, the person in charge of them isn't allowed to take their eyes of the child according to the rules.

    Of course no one ever explained, however, how I was suppose to pee which is one reason why I don't babysit anymore.

    God bless.


  • manofjustice Feb 23, 2009

    After reading the news today with all these murderers, kidnappers, and so on....it might be a good idea to let some children just go!!!

  • dbcooper41 Feb 23, 2009

    so was the babysitter a minor? why else can they withhold their name? arrests are public records.

  • bobhopeiii48 Feb 23, 2009

    I don't know why everyone is so upset. I know of a parent that left a 6 year old child by herself at Goodberry's to go shopping for forty five minutes and Child Protective Services said it was not an issue.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Feb 23, 2009

    This story could lead someone else to not call police more quickly. If she was distracted off with her boyfriend she snuck over, fine charge her, but say that.

  • ladyinblue72 Feb 23, 2009

    Maybe WRAL published what they had at the time to publish. Police can not always release specifics of an ongoing investigation because it might contaminate a future potential jury pool and that would just give the defense a "reason" for their client to get off.

  • Seeminglyopposed Feb 23, 2009

    A child six years old should know better, if he is indeed taught that by his parents. This seems to be something that this child has done before and the parents did not have problem with it. If not, he should learn that is not acceptable behavior. I don't allow my 5 yr old grandson away from the door when he is outside. Too many of our children are dying by the hand of predators each and everyday.

  • familyfour Feb 23, 2009

    Talk about a lack of information....

  • boomylar Feb 23, 2009

    I'm agreeing with most of ya'll. there has to be some thing else to the story. Maybe its not the first time, or she was doing some thing else to distract her. idk.