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Baby recovering after injury at Durham Bulls game

Posted April 17, 2009

— A 7-month-old baby boy was recovering at Duke Medical Center on Friday, one day after a foul ball hit him in the head at a Durham Bulls baseball game.

Jacob Wellvang is in good condition, hospital officials said Friday. He was in the picnic area near the left field line when he was hit, according to a Bulls spokesman.

No other information was released.

The Durham Bulls team is owned by WRAL's parent company, Capitol Broadcasting.


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  • ladyblue Apr 17, 2009

    It sounds as though he's going to be allright. I sure hope so. Anytime you go to an event things can happen. I'm sure the parents thought they were in a safe location and any other day they would be. I'm sure no one could predict that ball would go over to them. Unfortuately there are always a handfull of people ready to preach what should of been done.............

  • foetine Apr 17, 2009

    It's only $10 for a good seat at the Bulls. It's $50 for a babysitter. It's outdoors and noisy so nobody will notice your crying kid.

    The picnic area does need a safety net since those people are there to eat and socialize. They aren't watching the game. They're smoozing at a corporate function. The Bulls out to put up a net for the sake of their guests.

  • happily married Apr 17, 2009

    Some of these comments have me floored!!! I cannot believe people have the nerve to ask "Why was a 7-month old at the ball game any." ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? Please come out from under the rock you have been under apparently for years.

    This is 2009 not 1909. Families do things with their family, including 7-month old babies, and are not responsible for everything that may happen. This was truly a freak accident. I guess you would ask why the parent had the baby in the car if they got in an accident too, huh.

    Please come down to earth!!!!!

  • katherineameyer Apr 17, 2009

    "Parents, I recommend you call on game day and request the handicapped-accessible seats behind home plate. Great view and plenty of room for a stroller."

    I'm sure those actually needing the wheelchair accessible seats will appreciate this. This was just a freak accident. I don't blame the parents, at least they were trying to do something with their child besides just sitting at home. Are we going to criticize parents who drive their children in a car and are involved in an accident? Children and babies are at a much higher risk for injury and death in cars. This was just a freak accident, nothing more.

  • Leeca Apr 17, 2009

    Maybe all children should be locked in cages and kept in a basement until they are 18. No social outings, no schools where they can get sick or spread germs, no riding in cars because that is negligent behavior on the parents part. I know, let's blame the company that makes the baseball since they must have made it to travel hard and fast when it by a bat!
    For all those who ask why a 7 month old was at the game...because baseball is an American pastime for families of all ages. It was a very unfortunate accident and no one should be blamed. God bless that little boy and his family.

  • LaLa-Land Apr 17, 2009

    How silly to take a baby to a ballgame. Hope the little thing will be ok.

  • djofraleigh Apr 17, 2009

    once we have universal health care, and the government paying for any medical bills, there will probably be event insurance paid by the ticket price to pay for brain injuries, etc. suffered by players, workers and fans.

    People who choose to roller skate, thus voluntarily increasing their risk of serious injury, will have to do the same. There is no end to it.

    That's the price of having others being responsible for paying for your actions and decisions.

    Want a french fry, banana split, or anything, and you pay the calorie tax, multiplied by saturated fat content, etc.

    It's only fair. It's the cost of being a dependent person and I would support it. Imagine the risk of riding a motorcycle, or horse, or owning a ladder. Take away one responsibility and assume another.

  • djofraleigh Apr 17, 2009

    Why have a 7 month old baby at a sporting event?

    1. family doesn't want to be parted from the new baby.

    2. Can't be money, since going to the games are expensive anyway.

    3. Can't be so the baby can enjoy itself watching the steals, hits and pitching.

    4. Because being at the game where the risk is far less than even riding in a car.

    Answer: Families want to be together, know the risk is small, and take the chance of getting on the highway, in a crowd, and at a ball park.

    I don't see a lawsuit here, but there will be a payoff.

  • colliedave Apr 17, 2009

    but the NHL had no problem putting up netting

    The NHL put up the netting that has been is use in the European leagues after a young girl was struck/killed by a puck. But the netting is in place where most of the pucks would fly into the stands: the seats directly behind the goals.

    Pucks still come into the stands. At one game, a puck came off the ice, hit a railing and landed at my feet. The puck was moving so fast, all I heard was the ping of it hiting the metal railing.

    There is a reason there is a disclaimer printed on the back of the tickets. The team can take "reasonable" precautions to protect their fans, but to be toatally safe, the team would need to take the "unreasonable" step of enclosing the entire stadium/arena in netting.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Apr 17, 2009

    The picnic areas are VERY dangerous! I've been in those areas before and MANY line drive shots are hit directly in them.