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Autopsy: Woman shot 13 times in RTP murder-suicide

Posted July 5, 2011
Updated July 15, 2011

— A woman who was killed in an apparent triple murder-suicide in Research Triangle Park last month was shot 13 times, according to an autopsy report released Tuesday.

Alexandria J. "AJ" Baker Pierce, 23, was shot in the legs, trunk, head and neck, the report states, adding that the "most significant" shot was to the top of her head.

Pierce, Amesha Alia Page-Smith, 24, and Adrianne Celeste Stevens, 22, were found shot to death in a parked car near the intersection of Park Office Drive and N.C. Highway 54 in Research Triangle Park on June 10.

An autopsy for Page-Smith showed that she was shot four times while sitting in the driver's seat – in the right upper shoulder, left side of her stomach, right leg and right upper back.

Authorities say Brinton Millsap, 23, of 8 Mellon Court, shot the women with a .45-caliber handgun and then shot himself.

Stevens' mother said the four had been friends since elementary school. Pierce and Millsap were dating.


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  • aaa Jul 6, 2011


  • teleman60 Jul 5, 2011

    Everybody remembers what this is about, right? This is about 4 friends since elementary school where recently an acquaintance of the friends jokingly said one of the girls gave Milsap, who had a immune system problem, herpes disease. Milsap freaked out and said he would kill her if she really did that to him. This is about a joke gone terribly wrong.

  • hunter38 Jul 5, 2011

    Why are certain people that post here blaming guns AGAIN?? The gun didn't kill anyone....the mentally unstable person had to pull the trigger of the gun for it to fire. He could have easily used a vehicle to run them over...which has happened before, he could have stabbed them all....which has happened many times, he could beaten them all with a baseball bat, which has happened before. My point....if the gun haters ban the guns...killers will always find another way to kill....when does the banning of TOOLS stop? Guns in the hands of sane responsible people have never been used in murders.

  • 2gurlz2boyzMom Jul 5, 2011

    "Seriously, why does this need to be reported? I mean come on. Do their families need to see this on the internet?"

    When three people are murdered, it is in the public's interest for the facts to be known.

    Facts are an excellent substitute for the rumors that spread when things like this happen. Take, for instance, the person in these comments who wondered if there was a cult involved. Without factual reporting, that kind of rumor could take root and spread quickly.

    speaking from experience... it sucks as a family member to read the rumors and stuff that readers "think" they know about the situation. but this site is for comments...some people take it too far sometimes. you can go look at my profile to understand more.

  • Mo Blues Jul 5, 2011

    Funny, the haggis basher and several other always show up on a gun-death thread to decry guns and ammo, but on the same day as we have a terrible death of a teenage girl from a drunk driver, I don't see them posting to outlaw cars and gas, or demand hat teens have more restrictions on access to cars.

  • nonPC Jul 5, 2011

    guns did not kill these people, the kid did, and I am sure if he didnt have a gun he would have found some other way to do it. Stop looking for somthing to blame it on rather then the perp..

  • 1775 Jul 5, 2011

    A tragic scenario that is tough to understand...no doubt about that! Thank you all for responding to my question and for all the additional details. Please continue posting insightful and constructive comments.

  • thomasbrewer71 Jul 5, 2011

    rcso29: What make you think these kids would need welfare man what is wrong with you 4 people dead and you write something like that.WOW!!!!

  • uncw05 Jul 5, 2011

    gingerlynn-It may never have been here, I was thinking WRAL, because 99% of the time that's all I read, but sometimes when someone in comments links to N&O like they did for that story, I'll go check it out.

  • camryn72 Jul 5, 2011

    I heard the same rumor about the STD/ AIDS. If they were all best friends then he may have figured they knew too. WOW!