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Autopsy: Stem woman 'most likely' slain

Posted June 30, 2010

— The state's top medical examiner said he couldn't determine how a Stem woman died two years ago but that she "most likely" was killed, according to an autopsy report released Wednesday.

Kelly Morris, 28, was last seen Sept. 3, 2008. The following day, the house she shared with her family, at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road in Stem, caught fire. Hours later, investigators found her car about a mile from her home with her keys, purse and cell phone inside.

Her skeletal remains were found Nov. 16 in the Tar River Fox Pen in southern Granville County.

North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner Dr. John Butts performed an autopsy on the remains the following day to make a positive identification and try to determine the cause of death.

"While the exact cause of death is not determined, the circumstances of her disappearance and the location of her ultimately discovered remains, in my opinion, indicate that her death was most likely the result of homicidal violence," Butts wrote in the autopsy report.

Morris' husband, William Scott Morris, 35, of 113 W. Church St. in Creedmoor, was arrested hours after her remains were found. He is charged with first-degree murder and fraudulently burning a dwelling, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case.


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  • eakesth Jul 1, 2010

    Follow the story from the start. He is guilty!!!

  • kmichael Jul 1, 2010

    Oh yes indeed, the Stem PD is the best of the best. There is a lot going on there, so they have lots of experience in cases like this.

  • jaysprincess2007 Jul 1, 2010

    I just don't understand ya'll! Ya'll are all so glueless! He is 100% guilty. He didn't want a divorce so like almost every other man, he kills his wife. Weather cheating or not. He'll get what he deserves. I feel sorry for the youngest child. Not only did she lose her mom, but also her dad. The half sister still has her dad. But i feel for both of them. Losing a parent is hard enough as it is but to lose 2 that's even harder. Ya'll need to get a life!

  • HEAFIE200 Jul 1, 2010

    grasshopperrtp2 - in response to your comment, there is no proof, YES there is - do you live in Stem, do you know anyone who does? There is enough evidence against him to warrent the death penalty. so get ready to pull the switch.
    The Stem Police Department, SBI, etc. have done an excellent job - sit back and watch, ok.

  • HEAFIE200 Jul 1, 2010

    famiilyfour - NO Scott Morris will not get off because of lack of evidence, just trust me on that one.
    He did it, he killed her bc he didn't want to go through a divorce and have to divide up his business.
    Don't under estimate the Stem police department - they have the ducks in a row, he will NOT get off.

  • familyfour Jun 30, 2010

    Those poor children. Her parents. My gosh. All that time to find her....then all this time to process an inconclusive autopsy, I can imagine he had little to work with...

    This is one of the worst cases....he's apt to get off due to lack of evidence against him.

    What a shame. Divorces are not nearly as harming to the family as murders. Do people not get this!?

  • csplantlover Jun 30, 2010

    It's taken you people THIS long to figure THAT piece of information out???

  • froggytroat Jun 30, 2010

    Glad to hear that the armchair detectives will be out in force.


  • diana123 Jun 30, 2010

    yup he did it.

  • grasshopperrtp2 Jun 30, 2010

    No proof has been presented that the husband did it.He is innocent until proven guilty.Show me the proof and I will pull the switch.There were rumors about "OTHERS" being involved.