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Autopsy: Fayetteville woman shot twice in head

Posted December 1, 2009
Updated December 7, 2009

— A Fayetteville woman killed last month in an apparent murder-suicide suffered from two fatal gunshot wounds to the head, according to an autopsy report released Tuesday.

Investigators say William "Billy" Maxwell Jr., 47, killed his wife, Kathryn, and two children, Connor and Cameron, at their 314 West Park Drive home before killing himself.

Family members found the bodies inside the residence on Nov. 2.

According to the autopsy report, Kathryn Maxwell suffered from a close-range gunshot wound to the back of the right side of her head, injuring her skull and brain. The bullet from the second shot passed through her right hand and entered her head through the area of her right ear.

Autopsy reports for the other family members were not released Tuesday.

Police have not said what a possible motive was for the shootings. Some who knew the family, however, have said that William Maxwell had recently admitted to thinking irrational thoughts. Others said nothing in his behavior would have suggested to them that he might become violent.


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  • podtalk Dec 2, 2009

    apexgirl11, it's fairly obvious. He shot her once and she reacted by reaching up quickly and he fired again striking her through the hand and the head again. The 2 shots probably happened quicker than you can blink. Takes no time to get 2 shots off.

  • apexgirl11 Dec 2, 2009

    "Autopsy: Fayetteville woman shot twice in head"

    Did it really take an autopsy to determine that? Seems like it would be fairly obvious...

    Also, how can there be TWO fatal gunshot wounds??

  • countess Dec 2, 2009

    This poor woman and her children, what a terrible death by the hands of the husband and father. I don't buy into this thing about remembering him for the way he was before this tragedy, I will only remember what he did to those innocent people. I only wish he had lived so that he could be prosecuted.

  • hollylama Dec 2, 2009

    Prayers for the LOST

  • Myra Dec 2, 2009

    Mr. Maxwell WAS exhibiting irrational behavior issues; he shot out a window in his home shouting that 'they' were trying to get in or something like that was reported. Friends visiting just before he killed his family said he was accepting that he needed help. A 911 call where only a 'gunshot' was heard was not responded to even though the home address showed up on the screen. Could a life have been saved by immediate response from 911? There isn't anything about this incident that makes sense. It just became NON-news when 5-year old Shaniya Davis was sold into child sex trafficking, brutally raped and murdered.. I guess Fayetteville could be the 3rd Worst Town to Raise a Family in as reported early in 2009.