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Autopsy: Durham grandmother stabbed 26 times

Posted July 30, 2014

Police taped off a portion of a Durham apartment complex on Glasson Street early Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014, while investigating a crime.

— A Durham woman who was killed in her home in February had been stabbed more than two dozen times, according to an autopsy report released Wednesday.

Officers responding to a cardiac arrest call at 3421 Glasson St. on Feb. 26 found Carolyn Hemingway, 62, dead and her 4-year-old grandson wounded, police said.

An autopsy found 26 stab wounds on Hemingway's face, neck, chest and abdomen and what appeared to be defensive wounds on her arms. The stab wounds severed some major arteries, punctured a lung and damaged her liver, stomach and pancreas, according to the autopsy report.

Treyvon Evans, 17, who is Hemingway's grandson and is the older brother of the 4-year-old, was charged with murder and attempted murder in the case.

Investigators haven't commented on a motive, saying only that the stabbings followed an argument.


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  • Linda Kerns Kellogg Aug 1, 2014
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    How can a kid be that evil and without feeling that he can murder his own grandmother in that vicious and violent manner, and in front of his 4 year old brother. Sick sick sick. This poor woman no doubt opened her own home to him, and her kindness was repaid with murder. This is one horrible crime. I wonder what will happen to the 4-year old now; I'm guessing there are no parents in the picture.

  • Objective Scientist Jul 31, 2014

    A grandmother - A GRANDMOTHER - stabbed TWENTY-SIX times by her GRANDSON????? What the hell? It is impossible to make a comment about THAT!!! I support the death penalty when two conditions exist: 1. The evidence is clear and unequivocal in every way with direct, indisputable evidence that the person charged actually committed the crime; 2. The crime was heinous. For me - both apply in this case and the age of 17 is not sufficiently low to spare the accused from the death penalty!

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 31, 2014

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    That has to be sarcasm, but one never knows these days....

  • Killian Jul 31, 2014

    The smirk on his face says it all.

  • Mariann Byknish Jul 31, 2014
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    May she rest in peace now, away from those who hurt her. Her grandson needs to "go see Jesus" and see the wrong he has done.

  • Stranger Jul 31, 2014

    Oh, come on people. This is just a 17 year old little boy. He didn't know the consequences of his actions...

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 30, 2014

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    I don't believe NC has one anymore.

    Wish they did.

    The thought of receiving cruel and unusual punishment might get some to think twice before hurting someone else.

  • Bo Hart Jul 30, 2014
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    look at his face and tell me theres a soul there . you can't !!!

  • Enough is Enough People Jul 30, 2014

    There needs to be a quick trial and he needs to go straight to the chair. People like that have no place in our society.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jul 30, 2014

    How that grandmother's heart must've been breaking as she was being murdered by her own grandson.

    I don't know what he was thinking doing that to her.

    Prayers for those who loved her, and prayers for the wee one also injured.