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Authorities weigh charges after boy wanders off

Posted March 18, 2009

— Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigators were trying to determine whether to file criminal charges after a 3-year-old boy wandered away from home Wednesday and was found along a busy street.

The boy left his home at 2438 Silverbell Loop shortly after noon, and a resident found him walking on a stretch of Bingham Drive, authorities said. The child had been crying and appeared to be lost, they said.

K-9 officers were called so dogs could track where the boy had come from, and they canvassed a nearby neighborhood, authorities said. After they figured out where the boy lived, investigators found his caregiver was inside asleep and was unaware he was lost, they said.

The boy’s mother was out of the state and had left her son in the care of a friend, authorities said.


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  • Candlelove Mar 19, 2009

    There is a lot of information missing, but I don't think the parent should be to blame. Sometimes you can fall asleep when a child falls asleep and they wake up and get into things. I agree that you should try not to fall asleep when you have small children around, but if the mother left in an emergency situation this person may have gotten off work (tired) and was asked to keep the child. There's just a lot that could have happened. Everyone does not live in a perfect world as some of you.

  • bashful4 Mar 19, 2009

    I have to agree with the REV RB

  • tibbs29 Mar 19, 2009

    okay okay this is ridiculous. The mother intrusted her child with this person and that person betrayed the trust and the child was in jeopardy. They need to be charged and the mother needs to be wiser in her choices to leave her child with someone. I didn't go anywhere for a long time when my children were that age, because you just can't be too careful and leave them somewhere. Wait until they are older to make travel plans. It'ss the choice we make to become parents. Children first!

  • sayitoutloud Mar 19, 2009

    Charges need to be filed and mama needs to find new friends.

  • Dale Mar 19, 2009

    The parent should not share any of the blame. She left her child with a caregiver. All the responsibility falls on that caregiver. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first time this person watched this little boy. We don't know what really happened, were there other kids or adults in that house at the time. The story is pretty vague. But at any rate, as a parent, this caregiver would be in deep mess with me!

  • momx2 Mar 19, 2009

    First this story is missing alot of information. Like why did the mother leave the child with this person. Where was the father. Personally I think the mother just did not give a care and the person who was keeping the child did not care. Therefore, the child was not being watched and left the home wondering around until someone who saw him cared enough to help. I have never been able to understand the lack of love people (some not all) give to children. They need our unconditional love and guidance. This poor child was left with someone who did not care he was probly wondering where is mother was got scared and left the home. The caretaker was asleep instead of worrying about the child and looking for them. Bad skills if you ask me. This person should be charged and I'm not sure but I believe the parents play some role in this and should at least be made to take parenting classes.

  • incensed Mar 18, 2009

    This so called caregiver needs to be charged with child endangerment. Poor little tyke. He could have been killed. The parent shares some of the blame too. You can't be too careful with little people that are in your care.

  • Fuquay Resident Mar 18, 2009

    We RB, it does say the mother was out of town, maybe she had an emergency and this was the only person she could find to keep her child. I was trying to give the mother and the caregiver the benefit of the doubt. There's a difference in being a child caregiver and being a childcare giver. LOL

  • Adelinthe Mar 18, 2009

    "If you are caring for a child and you take a nap..."

    If you're caring for a child, YOU DON'T TAKE A NAP unless the child is asleep right in the room where you are.

    And if you're a child care provider, you don't take a nap at all - YOU'RE ON THE JOB.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Mar 18, 2009

    "...if the caregiver doesn't have any kids, they might not know how slippery kids can be."

    If they don't know that, they have no business being a child caregiver.

    God bless.