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Authorities seize 54 marijuana plants from Moore County home

Posted October 2, 2014

Jonathan Lee Brewer

— Moore County authorities on Wednesday seized more than 50 marijuana plants worth $104,000 from the back yard of a home in Carthage.

According to investigators, Jonathan Lee Brewer, of 269 Deese Road, also had 480 grams of processed marijuana inside his home.

Brewer was charged with trafficking marijuana, felony manufacturing of marijuana, felony possession with intent to sell, deliver or manufacture marijuana, felony possession of marijuana and felony maintaining a place to keep controlled substances.

Brewer was being held in the Moore County jail Thursday under a $75,000 secured bond.


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  • regulus3333 Oct 3, 2014

    California, Wash and Col thank you for keeping prices high and the $$$$$ rolling WEST, filling any order at anytime....thanks a trillion (dollar$)

  • Jonathan Adams Oct 2, 2014
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    The only thing that is victimized from marajuana is doritoes,potato chips and COOOKIES!!

  • Bullcity34 Oct 2, 2014

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    Oh and the homeless boom is because people are spending all their money for Marijuana and to get there, so there ya go. If you want the stoned doctors and that society then move there

  • Bullcity34 Oct 2, 2014

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    Tell me in what world you live in when there would be no cartels? How would that happen. What you think violent criminals would just give up? 2nd I don't really care if it becomes legal or not, that's not my issue. My issue is that you liberals and police bashers hate cops for simply doing their job. You get assessed at work just as police do. Police don't make the they enforce it. It's your right to get high all you want but for right now it's illegal so get over it

  • Jonathan Adams Oct 2, 2014
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    Its amazing how many people are killed or injured from being drunk or victimized from a drunk person. How many people die or injured from being stoned?? Alcohol is a far more dangerous drug than marajuana. Alchohol contributes to the death of tens of thousands of people every year!!! and it's LEGAL I guess that makes it ok?

  • Red Sox Nation Oct 2, 2014

    disgusted2010 - It actually shows that people can formulate their own thoughts and realize how absurd it is that a doctor can prescribe you drugs that are much more dangerous than marijuana. Try thinking for yourself...

  • Olenc Native Oct 2, 2014
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    Beast is 100% correct in all four of his observations.

  • i am the beast i worship Oct 2, 2014

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    speaking of ignorance.. first, its "whole," not "hole." second, if it was legal there would not be drug cartels. third, marijuana has vastly improved the lives of those suffering from cancer and other debilitating illness. finally, the homeless population boom is because they are migrating there looking for work in the marijuana industry, not because people are getting high and losing their jobs/homes.

  • euimport1 Oct 2, 2014

    they're so pretty! an I get one?

  • I-Defy Oct 2, 2014

    Its funny that all our drug laws were created and based on racist feelings of whites but no one complains about that. WR Hearst pushed the hardest for hemp laws because he was a newspaper man and had all his money wrapped up in logging. When hemp paper is cheaper and easier to make

    My friend son was taking cannibis oil when he was being treated for a stage 3 brain tumor. It bought him almost another year and he got his motor skills back. Time to change the marijuana laws regarding medicinal use. The genie is out of the bottle already so lets do it right