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Authorities: Sanford woman hired three men to kill boyfriend

Posted January 3, 2013

— Lee County deputies have charged five people in an alleged plot to kidnap and kill a Sanford man on New Year's Day, authorities said Thursday.

David Cedillo, 50, told authorities that he was at the home of his girlfriend, Mary Grace Sisk, and discovered that his wallet and cellphone had been stolen while he was taking a shower. He said that, when he confronted Sisk, her daughter, Amber Nicole Duprey, and three of Duprey's friends about the theft, the three men choked him until he blacked out.

Authorities said Cedillo awakened in the trunk of his Honda Accord and was able to escape the vehicle at a stoplight near the intersection of U.S. Highway 421 and N.C. Highway 87 in Sanford. He then called for help.

Investigators said they determined that Sisk and Duprey concocted a plan to rob Cedillo, lock him in his car's trunk and drive the car into a body of water and that they hired three of Duprey's friends to carry out the scheme.

Sisk, 45, and Duprey, 21, both of 65 Sidney Lane; Daniel Thomas Rubinosky, 20, of 8605 Harrington Place; Andrew Gray Coker, 16, of 3048 Corn Silk Drive; and Zachary Scott Place, 17, of 5808 Minter Ave., all of Sanford, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit common law robbery, first-degree kidnapping, common law robbery, possession of stolen goods, larceny of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Rubinosky was being held Thursday in the Lee County jail under a $300,000 bond. Duprey, Coker and Place were being held under $200,000 bonds, and Sisk was being held under a $175,000 bond.


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  • leecounty Jan 3, 2013

    if you don't know the parents then don't comment on them. they may have worked hard to raise them right and teach them right from wrong and then something like this happens. they could be tearing their selves up trying to figure out why this happened.

  • Scubagirl Jan 3, 2013

    purdy folks .....

    Since it was Sisk's idea she should also have a very high bond. None of them would be in this position if she hadn't started it.

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Jan 3, 2013

    They look like winners! All five of them!


  • tarheel86 Jan 3, 2013

    I wonder why the Sisk woman's bond is lower than the others involved. She's the one who probably got all this started. Her bond should be a million dollars, at the least!

  • 68_dodge_polara Jan 3, 2013

    Wow just WoW. Where did these people come from?

  • Inter Alios Jan 3, 2013

    What a scheme for a wallet and a cell phone! And all they end up with is a cell. What a scheme!

  • workingforthosethatwont Jan 3, 2013

    more car control is absolutely necessary. this would not have happened if this car had not been in the hands of these people. our leaders need to do something and now!

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Jan 3, 2013

    Is this how parents of today are raising their kids? Are kids generally raising themselves? Shame on these parents. Pray for our young people. I will do the same. Thanks.

  • Rebelyell55 Jan 3, 2013

    That was one lucky man, them folks looked like they won't playing.

  • VW girl 2013 Jan 3, 2013

    I can't imagine...ok, #1) what are these young kids thinking?!?! They had their entire lives ahead of them and now they are toast! #2) I am going through a rough divorce and I would NEVER imagine doing anything to harm my soon-to-be-ex. I loved him once and we had a good life together. Just because things turned bad doesn't mean I want him dead...or better yet, it doesn't mean that he's worth my time/life in jail! Come on people...get a grip!