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Authorities: Locklear choked, dumped in South River

Posted April 8, 2014
Updated April 9, 2014

— After choking Danielle Locklear to death and stuffing a sock in her mouth, Je'Michael Malloy and a friend tied her body to cinder blocks and tossed her into the South River at the Cumberland-Sampson line, authorities said Tuesday night.

Malloy, 17, of 7946 N.C. Highway 210 South in Autryville, was Locklear's ex-boyfriend and is now charged with second-degree murder – the killing was not premeditated, authorities said.

"Investigators say Locklear and Malloy became involved in an argument," Hope Mills Police Chief Joel Acciardo said at a news conference Tuesday night. "The conversation turned violent."

His friend, Dominic Lock, 18, of the 1300 block of Cade Hill Avenue in Fayetteville, is charged with conspiracy for helping transport the body.

Both were arrested Tuesday, and Lock, authorities say, could face additional charges.

Malloy and Lock were each placed in the Cumberland County Jail under a $100,000 bond and were scheduled to have their first court appearances Wednesday afternoon.

"All I can say is that this is a tragic event for the family of the victim, for the family of the suspect," Acciardo said. "Everybody involved is young. Everybody involved had their whole life ahead of them."

The arrests end nearly a month of searching and speculation after Locklear, 15, disappeared on March 11 after leaving her grandparents' home on Trencholm Lane in the Fox Meadow/Brook Ridge subdivisions to visit a friend.

That friend turned out to be Malloy, officials said.

Locklear was killed, and her body dumped, that same night, authorities said. Her grandfather contacted police the following day.

Investigators still do not have a positive identification that the body found in the river last Wednesday is Locklear's, but Malloy confessed that the body was hers, authorities said.

The body was discovered by an off-duty Cumberland County Sheriff's Office detective near the South Gray Street bridge near Autryville, along the Cumberland-Sampson line.

Locklear's physical description, along with the clothes she was last seen wearing, helped identify her, authorities said.

Malloy confessed to the detective who found her body, authorities said.


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  • writtendescription Apr 10, 2014

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    Why do you think there are different definitions of first and second degree murder, and correspondingly different elements of proof required for conviction?

  • Catherine West Apr 9, 2014
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    Please when did any of us listen to our parents at that age. We may have obeyed them because the punishment was so severe but most teens think they know more than their parents do. On second thought, I actually did listen but I really didn't incorporate it in my life until I got older. If you think your children are really listening, you have a very rude awakening. They are listening to their peers, What happened to that young girl was pure evil. Who would think that someone they called their boyfriend would kill them the next day.

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Apr 9, 2014

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    That's up to a parent to teach their children.
    Unfortunately, few seem to be teaching their children anything of value nowadays, leaving them to make their own decisions, often wrong and sometimes dangerous.

    They aren't plants or knicknacks that can be left on a shelf to be taken down only when WE want to deal with them.

    They're living breathing beings, who must be loved, protected and must be taught how to protect themselves. Anyone not willing or able to do that shouldn't have living beings they are responsible for in the first place, children and pets alike.

  • Poupmouse Apr 9, 2014

    This is a Je'Tradgedy. Truly very sad.

  • iron fist Apr 9, 2014

    Why second degree what not charge with first degree murder? It may not have been premeditated but if he killed this young woman second degree is not enough.

  • 678devilish Apr 9, 2014

    We make bad choices but we should learn from them. Also you should listen to your parents, they are not wrong all the time. I just bet she wish she had listen. But its not to late for the living.

  • brandy213122 Apr 9, 2014

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    Funny, you mentioned the her Facebook. I noticed that one time the "ex" left a comment on a photo that was posted by a friend and he had the nerve to say that he was "crying" which is pretty horrible considering, according to reports, he killed the the same night she turned up missing.

  • 678devilish Apr 9, 2014

    Wake up parents and raise your young men in the right way. These are your sons on the way to prison most likely for life. You have to start at a very young age, not when they are older. Its sad and pitful to see young under age children in prison and behind bars. Parents need to take responsibility. This young lady had a right to live and they took it away from her. May justice be served.

  • LetsBeFair Apr 9, 2014

    I'm sure what ever happened, spiraled out of control... then it got worse.

  • allenmga Apr 9, 2014

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    Not that you're actually interested in understanding the concept but usually with first degree, there has to be proof that the suspect formed a conscious decision to kill and then acted on it after enough time had gone by for a rational person to second guess the decision. Law enforcement and the DA clearly didn't have proof that was the case this time.

    Second degree murder is an UNPLANNED, intentional killing. Yes, once he began the act of choking this young lady, he was likely intent on killing her. Regardless, there has been no evidence presented as of yet to support the notion that he went into the situation (argument?) wanting to kill her.