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Husband, wife dead in Holly Springs in murder-suicide

Posted December 3, 2012

— A married couple was found dead Monday inside a Holly Springs home in an apparent murder-suicide, authorities said.

Holly Springs Police Chief John Herring said investigators found the bodies of Robert and Amber Seymore, both 38, in the home at 233 Hidden Stream Drive in the Wood Creek subdivision.

Herring said three children – ages 2, 6 and 8 – live at the address. The 2-year-old was home at the time of the shooting.

A visiting in-law was dropping the older children off at school and returned to discover the bodies.

"Right now, we're just trying to gather as much information with regards to the history between these two," Herring said.

Amber Seymore called 911 on Nov. 23 because she wanted officers at the couple's home as a precautionary measure when Robert Seymore was moving out of the home.

"My husband has a gun and a bad temper," she told the dispatcher.

Robert Seymore returned sometime Monday morning, police said, and the shootings happened after a domestic dispute between the couple about 9 a.m.

A neighbor said she had invited Amber Seymore to a Bible study about two weeks ago. The wife said she couldn't go but asked the group to pray for her, according to the neighbor.

Another neighbor said the husband had worked in law enforcement.

The children, police said, are with a relative. Family members did not want to speak Monday about the shootings.


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  • shadowbubbaz Dec 11, 2012

    My friend go a 50B ( restraining order) and it did NO HELP

  • shadowbubbaz Dec 11, 2012

    I have been in a domestic vilonce situation before and Iahve seen it first hand, there is NO justice for women who are abused by their boyfriend or husband!!! The jail's would much rather arrest a drug dealer or someone who hasnt paid child support and keep them locked up for years before they will arrest a husband or wife that has beaten their spouse so bad that you cant even tell who they are. Ihave been witness to this too much!!!! It is SICK to know that most women die by domestic vilence. I had a friend that did what she was told to do by police and got a protective order against her boyfriend, it did NO good what so ever! I was there I saw it!!! I went to court with her for a whole year trying to get him to stay in jail because she was scared for her and her children and he got out and broke in her house and beat her so bad I could not tell who she was when I first saw her. So then the abuser get locked up again and out again and kidnaps my friend andtake her through two towns an

  • LOC Dec 6, 2012

    This is just horrible... Praying for all partied involved.

  • Tray Cee Dec 4, 2012

    I know personally that if when you file a 50B against someone and tell the court that the person has weapons when they are served by the police the weapons, ammo and unused gun permits are taken by the police.

  • esprg Dec 4, 2012

    @ejovanic...I was jut thinking the same thing... so sad for the kids & really all those left behind.

  • ejoevanic Dec 4, 2012

    Oh that's just great. What a Christmas these kids will have.

  • Wake1 Dec 4, 2012

    How will these poor kids ever understand this??

  • Bartmeister Dec 4, 2012

    "I'd like to see a policy that allows cops to come in and confiscated all weapons, "


    Under NO circumstances would that be a good thing if no criminal activity is or has taken place. And before this terrible action, none of that had happened. I'm usually siding on the side of government and law enforcement but no way I give up my rights to that extent.

  • Bartmeister Dec 4, 2012

    1) Copy DID mention home price (rich) thought_criminal


    Really? So if you own a "MORTGAGE" for a home valued at $400K you're rich? Sweet! I'm filthy rich!!!! How about a middle aged working couple with a $400K house, 2 BMW's, kids in private schools..............rich? Or just in hock up to their ears trying to pull ends together? I would call that upper middle class at best. Whatever, race, social status, and religious status are all assumed in your comments.

  • djofraleigh Dec 4, 2012

    I'd like to see a policy that allows cops to come in and confiscated all weaponsCOMMENT

    Easy for us to send poor cops into a house to face that...and if I waa a 100# woman I don't think I would let go of my 357 pistol or shotgun when afraid of my 200# angry, under the influence lover. There's no easy answer, but one part is to get out early, way before it comes to this. Don't be around angry, ill-tempered people whose emotions rule them.