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Two dead in apparent murder-suicide in Smithfield

Posted April 5, 2013

— Two men died Friday afternoon on Hillcrest Road in Smithfield in a shooting the Johnston County Sheriff's Office is investigating as a murder-suicide.

Deputies have not released the names of the dead or a possible motive for the shootings, but family members identified one man – the homeowner – as Craig Baker.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell said someone called 911 at 1:41 p.m. and reported a murder-suicide. Investigators believe it might have been Baker who made the emergency call before shooting himself.

Deputies arrived within minutes and found a man shot dead in the front yard.

Deputies then found Baker in the back of the property, lying on a homemade trailer. He had been shot, and a weapon was beside him, Bizzell said. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died.

The two men knew each other, but their relationship was not released.

Baker's twin brother, Greg Baker, said the shooting is a tragedy.

Motive unclear in apparent murder-suicide at Smithfield home Motive unclear in apparent murder-suicide at Smithfield home

He declined to comment on how Craig Baker knew the victim, but said, "We make mistakes. We get involved in things we should not get involved with."

Greg Baker said his brother will be sorely missed by his family and his wife.

"He had a wife that loved him to death (and) he loved her," Greg Baker said. 

Craig Baker was an actor in several plays at the Neuse Little Theater, friends said.

"He was fantastic on stage. He loved the theater," said Kate Worley, adding that Craig Baker was a mentor to her.

"He was like a father to me," she said. "He brought joy everywhere he went."


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  • djofraleigh Apr 5, 2013

    MIght as well have posted, "Something's happened. Don't know what." -- comment

    What could WRAL have added to what was reported to them? A citizen reported a "murder suicide" and the deputy reported what he found, a dead man, shot, in the front yard and a man shot with a gun beside him in the back yard. WRAL can't say more than they are told. Oh, they could have said "film at 11pm."

  • djofraleigh Apr 5, 2013

    Ideally, all shooting reports should include:

    GUN type (assault, pistol, etc.)?

    Size of clip/rounds?

    Purchased legally?

    Background check passed?

    Trigger lock on?

    Motive: rage, gang, during commission of crime, under influence of substance, random, accidental, suicide, other

  • mrlee34 Apr 5, 2013

    This can't be....there is a law against murder so that would eliminate it from ever happening. WRAL please report only true events.

  • WhatWereOnceVicesAreNowHabits Apr 5, 2013

    RE : "Something's happened. Don't know what."

    That's funny right there, I don't care who ya' are !!!

  • 007KnightRider Apr 5, 2013

    "That's the best article I've read all day. MIght as well have posted, "Something's happened. Don't know what." -Poupmouse


  • nashville Apr 5, 2013

    WTVD 11 has the whole story.

  • awr117 Apr 5, 2013

    Must be first to announce news "People Dead, more to follow".

  • Just Once Apr 5, 2013

    Well, when they are getting 100 phone calls about what all the police and what is going on ....sometimes you just say something I guess. People can't wait for anything. Complain cause they do or complain cause they don't.

  • Poupmouse Apr 5, 2013

    That's the best article I've read all day. MIght as well have posted, "Something's happened. Don't know what."

  • bronzegoddess40 Apr 5, 2013

    Not the same house that was in Princeton this is in Smithfield.