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Audit: Money misappropriated at Johnston college

Posted June 9, 2008

— A financial audit of Johnston Community College found that about $15,000 for misappropriated from the cashier's office and college bookstore, officials said Monday.

A college employee took $1,522 from money collected in the cashiering office, and another $13,605 was lost or misappropriated from bookstore collections, according to the audit.

The missing funds were detected before the routine audit was conducted when customers complained about uncashed checks and students inquired about being double billed, officials said.

College officials have implemented tighter financial controls and additional campus-wide training, State Auditor Les Merritt said in a statement.

“Johnston Community College is taking the right steps to guard against this type of misappropriation in the future,” Merritt said. “Our auditors will check back with the college to ensure that these controls have been properly implemented and that no additional waste is occurring."


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  • FragmentFour Jun 10, 2008

    The blame is on the theif not the school.-- joberider

    This I will grant you - no question. I was just wondering why it seemed to easy to do it. Schools seem particularly susceptible.

  • joberider Jun 10, 2008

    You can have hundreds of safeguards and procedures in place to protect against a theif. All it takes is someone who wants it bad enough. You can't know if all the safeguards you need are are in place until it's too late. If someone wants to steal bad enough they will find a way. The blame is on the theif not the school.

  • raysson Jun 10, 2008

    From a previous comment: You do your job. You do it well. You live within your means. And you keep your hands off of the stuff that doesn't belong to you. Ever heard of O.P.P.? (Other people's property)

    Its not as bad as North Carolina A&T,which is under a serious federal investigation from the FBI and other agencies and in facing mandatory charges of embezzlement and mistrust of federal and student loans,and college scholarship which employees of the University in Greensboro and their families were pocketing millions of money from the school including government grant money that was lavishly stolen which included the former chancellor of the college,who is under investigation by federal agencies. Johnston County Community College is about to faced the same fate. Not to mention they arrested a administrative assistant at Saint Augustine's in Raleigh for theft(she stole thousands from the school including student loans)

  • FragmentFour Jun 10, 2008

    I don't know about what else might have been misappropriated from Johnson College a year or so ago, but I do have a question about schools and bookkeeping.

    The safeguards and procedures for tracking money and preventing misappropriation are sort of standard - banking and care of funds isn't exactly a new field. Why do so many schools seem to have a problem with using them? Johnson CC is one, Guilford CCis another, Wake County schools - now there's a biggie.

    Don't they read?

  • wtsbfan Jun 10, 2008

    no body..do tell. SaveEnergyMan...you're right! The lady was fired and procecuted. It was on WTSB about a year ago.

  • flipper59 Jun 10, 2008

    Trust me here. This is not all that is misappropriated at Johnston Community College. I'm not talking stealing money either

  • beas Jun 9, 2008

    Looks like they didn't learn what I taught my children from the beginning - If its not yours leave it alone.

  • mramorak Jun 9, 2008

    Same ole Same ole

  • SaveEnergyMan Jun 9, 2008

    All this is going to do is to make it harder for all those that have done their jobs right. I've seen this before and the rules just get harder and the red tape deeper. The offender will be transferred away quietly to somewhere where they can't hurt anyone or steal much more money and won't ever be punished.

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Jun 9, 2008

    Steve , your message sounds like someone who hires people today.