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Audit: EMS employees didn't reimburse state for vehicle use

Posted June 26, 2012

— Two dozen employees with the Office of Emergency Medical Services used their state-issued vehicles to commute between home and work and failed to reimburse the state, according to an audit released Tuesday.

By law, the employees should have had money deducted from their paychecks based on mileage between their home and work.

In the future, the Office of Emergency Medical Services can get an exemption for those employees by marking each of their vehicles with a sign indicating that it is a public safety officer’s vehicle, auditors noted.

In his response to the audit, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Acting Secretary Albert Delia agreed with the findings and said the vehicles would be marked appropriately.

Delia said the department also plans to consult its attorneys about the employees’ liability for the “taxable fringe benefits accrued during the period of noncompliance.”


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  • flack222 Jun 27, 2012

    It's not like this was hidden. The job descriptions on the state employment site always advertised these positions as including a state vehicle. These employees are there to inspect ambulances and departments, their role is not as functioning paramedics, in specific regions and its not uncommon for them to cover areas of hundreds of miles per day. Not sure why this is a huge deal, it certainly didn't take any investigative journalism or audit to account for it since it was completely known. These inspectors make far less than most paramedics (most lower level positions in the state EMS office are making around $30-35K per year) and without supplying a car that will gain 40-50,000 miles in a year there is little chance these folks would do it on their own personal vehicles.

  • bombayrunner Jun 27, 2012

    Evidence Is Everywhere ... btw, thanks for being an ER Nurse ... I meant no disrespect. One has to have the 'heart' for these roles. Due to the education level it takes to do them they will never make a lot of $$. If it made a lot of money people would be there that didn't care as much.

  • bombayrunner Jun 27, 2012

    "Evidence Is Everywhere ... The EMS team gets paid a LOT less to put it ALL out there and risk everything to save YOUR family and friends, regardless of the environment they have been put into. Show some respect."

    So what. As a one time EMT Ambulance Driver you are to follow the rules like anyone else. And if they don't like what they get paid, get out (like I did) and volunteer (like I DID) if you love it so much.

  • bombayrunner Jun 27, 2012

    get rid of the cars. pay them mileage on a state GPS.

  • Evidence Is Everywhere Jun 27, 2012

    Oh WOW...what a bunch of hateful people are on this blog who don't know a dang thing about how an EMS supervisor works and are immediately out for blood over a personal vehicle. Let me make it really simple, if that SUPERVISOR, who is ON CALL 24/7, and expected to be ready at a moment's notice, was not at your husband/wife/son/daughter's most critical minute and could have made the DIFFERENCE with the rest of those Paramedics because you all were petty about his/her gas mileage, and could not have a rescue vehicle at his home...your new blog would be LAWSUIT!! The tragedy, oh how did this happen to my baby?? How was this decision made over a couple dollars in gas??? THAT snap it back into perspective for you guys?

    And NO, I don't work for EMS. I'm an ER Nurse and have been for years. The EMS team gets paid a LOT less to put it ALL out there and risk everything to save YOUR family and friends, regardless of the environment they have been put into. Show some respect.

  • dollibug Jun 27, 2012

    Doing what is right creates a domino effect....and it only takes one or two people to not follow what should be done in government run agencies....this is what causes the CORRUPTION AND COVER UP...they see what they can get by with and before you know it...another person does the same thing...pretty soon everyone will follow suit and skip over the rules and regulations or what is suppose to happen....we are a state and government slap out of control because no one knows how *THE BUCK STOPS HERE*....in a perfect world people who are *caught not doing their jobs would be fired*....but in today's world...people get by with doing whatever they care to do...and it grows out of control...there is a lot of CORRUPTION AND COVER UP...and no one to STOP IT...

  • dollibug Jun 27, 2012

    CORRUPTION AND COVER UP IS EVERYWHERE.....does any of this actually surprise anyone anymore? It is sad when there are *RULES AND REGULATIONS* that are in place....but NOT FOLLOWED...and no one who actually makes sure that these are followed....all government run agencies are able to *make up their own rules and regulations as they go*....they make their own decisions about what to do....the NC Industrial Commission is a prime example of this....there are laws under NC WORKERS ACT...which spell out exactly what should take place when workers compensation claims are filed...a schedule of sorts and what the next step is...there is NO ONE who follows them. Attorneys get together and *do their own thing*...thinking no one will be *smart enough* to know the difference...and when someone *brings it to their attention*...no one addresses the matter...they just sweep it under the rug and wait for it to disappear. THIS IS SO VERY WRONG...in more ways than one. The insurance is REQUIRED.

  • BEACH Jun 27, 2012

    Just saying, have a family member with the state office, and the next time he gets a call at night, * was out 3 nights * wk before, where is suppose to get that vehicle if it is not at his house,if that person is a bad wreck , or House burning down suppose to wait until he gets a vehicle, . thanks for explaining it justdontgetit, cause IT SEEMS MOST PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND this is not a regular EMS vehicle.

  • casp3r Jun 27, 2012

    Fire them all... this stealing from tax payers has too stop!

  • justdontgetit Jun 27, 2012

    Ok first of all I think some on here are confused about what agency this is. This is the STATE OFFICE of Emergency Medical Services not a local Emergency Medical Service Department. The State Office of EMS better known as OEMS to those in the Emergency Services Fields. OEMS is the state department that over sees each and every Emergency Medical Department in the state (which btw is in the thousands) and there are some that are on call 24/7 to respond to complaints or major incidents throughout the state. Those with that status should have a take home car. Now not saying that all OEMS employees should unless their job title is that of what I mentioned above. I do know this the Office of the State Fire Marshal Has some employees that have take home cars and even more that dont. I will agree that this is like The state DOT not even knowing they owned cars and even worse not even knowing who has them or where they are. It is one big mess and I dont wanna to be the one to have to fix it!