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Attempt to evict man from Garner house ends in suicide

Posted April 7, 2014

— A man was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a Garner house Monday hours after a Wake County deputy tried to serve an eviction notice at the home, authorities said.

The deputy went inside the home at 104 Dunnsbee Drive, off N.C. Highway 50, through the unlocked front door and, after announcing his presence, heard a loud bang, authorities said. Fearing it was a gunshot, he retreated from the house and escorted a real estate agent who was with him to safety.

Garner police officers, other Wake County deputies and State Highway Patrol troopers then surrounded the house, and crisis negotiators tried to contact the home's occupant. Traffic was blocked around the neighborhood for more than two hours, and nearby residents were told to stay inside.

"(My) neighbor had called and said there were cops everywhere, the neighborhood was on lockdown and nobody could come in or out," said a nearby resident who identified herself only as Tammy.

No other noises or movement came from inside the home, and the negotiators couldn't make contact with anyone, authorities said.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office sent a robot vehicle into the house, and its camera allowed authorities to discover an unidentified man dead inside.

No one else was injured in the incident, which remains under investigation.

Neighbors said they believe the home was in foreclosure. Wake County real estate records show a Texas mortgage company has owned it since January.

Adam Lee, who lives two doors down, said he occasionally saw the man who lived there.

"He'd been laid off from his job probably last year sometime, and he just kind of kept to himself," Lee said. "That's why it was so shocking and sad, really, if it's what I think it is. It's kind of depressing, honestly."


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Apr 9, 2014

    I stand by any sane adult who wants to end their own life. It's not my place to judge them. People experience all kinds of physical and emotional pain and some just want to end it. That's pro-freedom. Pro-liberty.

  • Susan Olvera Apr 8, 2014
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    Unemployment benefits, no unemployment benefits, laid off, has a job, foreclosure, owns a home. It doesn't matter, this man is dead and it's just incredibly sad that a human being could feel so desolate they would take their own life. My heart goes out to his family and to the deputy and real estate agent entering the home that will be scarred for the rest of their lives now.

  • btneast Apr 8, 2014

    They didn't kill themselves because they took a hit in life.Exactly. It took me many years to realize that we all take hits in life. You have to be resilient and be able to get back up and learn a new way to live. It's unrealistic to expect things to stay the same just for you. Those that can't adapt and/or move forward are unfortunately doomed to suffer. I have been laid off 4 times, and in my 3rd career field over 32 years of working so far. Had some really rough years, but am doing quite well now. Never been on unemployment so far.

  • fishon Apr 8, 2014

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    Many, Many people including me were downsized or otherwise lost their jobs during their lifetimes, were unemployed and eventually restarted their careers in a different field or took on lower paying jobs until they found something better. They didn't kill themselves because they took a hit in life.

  • 678devilish Apr 8, 2014

    A tragedy indeed!

  • btneast Apr 8, 2014

    [bOur legislature turned off unemployment benefits to cheers.][/b] Not an accurate statement at all. NC still provides unemployment benefits, just not as long as before. It had to be cut because NC was in debt to the tune of 2.8 Billion to the feds on just unemployment insurance. We had no money to pay out and we were in hock an unbelievable amount for what we had paid out. Currently we owe about 1.7 billion to the feds, and are on track to be done by the end of next year. You can't pay out what you don't have, especially when you owe a ton on top of that. You want NC to end up in the same fiscal shape as Detroit or California?

  • Ty Shrake Apr 8, 2014
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    If you think Capitalism is bad try a dollop of real Socialism. Go live in Cuba for a year.

    Capitalism ISN'T the problem. We barely have Capitalism anymore. Lousy, Big Brother government run by liars and thieves is our problem. Clean that up and Capitalism can fix a lot of problem all by itself if given the chance.

  • Catherine West Apr 8, 2014
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    The article does not indicate that the deputy or anyone was in danger. It appears the man shot himself as soon as they started to enter. I don't blame anyone involved, I'm just sorry that this person didn't see any other way out but suicide.

  • disgusted2010 Apr 8, 2014

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    By whom?

  • disgusted2010 Apr 8, 2014

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    Got to love those who will not read and immediately interject their anti-law enforcement bias into their posts.