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Atlanta Fights Back on Uber, Lyft

Posted February 9, 2014

In cities across the US, and the world, anyone with a smartphone can quickly dial into a service that will allow them to quickly identify a nearby car, hail it, and track it as it heads over to pick them up. These services bypass traditional cab models, and in some cities where cab drivers have been working for generations, hackles are up: they argue that such businesses have an unfair advantage because they aren't subject to the same regulations.

Drivers who've been pounding the Atlanta concrete for years are fighting back against popular services Uber and Lyft, claiming its time to rein in the upstarts and force them to be accountable to the same regulations cabs and private livery services have to obey. The backlash is igniting a turf war between old and new attitudes about ground transportation, as cabbies try to stave off the end of an era. Will the warring factions find a peaceful resolution?

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