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ATF investigating homemade bombs in Selma

Posted April 16, 2012

— Police have called in federal agents to help investigate a recent incident in which homemade bombs were detonated in Selma.

Residents on East Watson Street told police that some men were throwing fireworks or other explosives at children playing nearby on April 5, according to an incident report. Police questioned two men about the complaint, and they said they were conducting a science experiment in the yard, the report states.

Officers recovered several pieces of charred aluminum foil and an exploded plastic bottle from the yard and some empty bottles of toilet cleaner from a nearby trash can. One of the men told police he had detonated two bottles, the report states.

Agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are examining the evidence to determine whether criminal charges are warranted, police said.


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  • andrewkreslin Apr 16, 2012

    Next thing you know it will be a terrorist act to drop a mentos into a diet coke bottle. I get that the ATF need to check into random explosions going off but is this really news?

  • bgcoving Apr 16, 2012

    Back in the good old days when tennis ball cans were made out of steel, you could make a nifty tennis ball mortar with a roll of duct tape, three cans, a swiss army knife and a can of lighter fluid. Never underestimate the ingenuity of kids with too much time on their hands and a hankering to blow things up....regardless of their age.

  • MPS Apr 16, 2012

    So it sounds like the chemistry experiments were done in their own yard as that is where the evidence was found. So what's the problem? They called in the ATF for a possible noise violation?? I bet our inept big brother chalks this up as a "Weapon Of Mass Destruction" charge. Absolutely pathetic.

    If the ATF determines that these experiments were done on private property then those who reported explosives being thrown at the kids should be arrested for making a false report. If they find that these men were actually throwing the experiments AT kids then the men should be jailed.

  • oleguy Apr 16, 2012

    No Comment, Some of the things we did 50 years ago???? With a little farm waste, a cap and a dry creek bed,, instant swimming pool,,,

  • nonPC Apr 16, 2012

    Who knows that they werent just throwing them in the backyard and some over sensitive parent/adult exaggerated about tossing them at kids...why is everyone on here so quick to take the word of a Selma resident who called 911 over others who say they were just building drano bombs...we use to do them with the heaters from MRE's it was a blast...pun intended

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Apr 16, 2012

    The throwing them at children (or anyone) is the only part I have a problem with. We should always err on the side of freedom to try things.

  • jjordan231179 Apr 16, 2012

    Who didnt make "Werks" bombs?

  • RM24 Apr 16, 2012

    See people are makingan excuse for these people who did this in regards to children. If they feel they can make small little "innocent" weapons of destruction, what will be next to try out. Just because you can google it, doesn't make it legal or right. Stop the little things and they may not escalate to become bigger things. Nothing these days of any destruction is good.

    ARE YOU SEROUS? Some things seem innoncent because they ARE. I dont even know many people who have not tried this. That does not mean that I used bottle rockets once then I will become a terrorist. I drive a car but not going to make a car bomb. They used to teach how to make these things in school science. PEOPLE are way to sensitive these days.

  • kermit60 Apr 16, 2012

    These folks definately need a talking to, but calling the ATF seems a little bit much.

  • lawncare5 Apr 16, 2012

    Glad I threw away my potato gun.