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At-Home Dad: What a difference ...

Posted May 21, 2013

Mike Slawter with family

When we found out we were having a third child, we didn't know what to think.

All kinds of feelings started to rush in. Anxiety, nervousness, along with so much happiness. As I mentioned last month, Jeb was born at over 11 pounds. Within the first week however, he had lost a pound.

This was nothing new to us as our other kids had gone through the same thing. The doctor wanted us to come back after his one week appointment to check his weight until he felt things were on the right track. I told my wife that I didn't think it was necessary. She looked at me almost dumbfounded, like I was a nut.

At Jeb's two week appointment, not only had he gained back the weight, he had also added another half pound. Today, we had his one month check up and he is a little over 12 pounds. His weight and height are falling into "normal" growth ranges. His head, like those of his siblings along with myself and dad are a different story. It is still greater than the 99th percentile.

Having a third child in our home has made a HUGE difference. Like his big sisters, he isn't adjusting all that well to formula. We have tried three different kinds, all suggested by his doctors. He just seems so uncomfortable, which has left us with some sleepless nights.

Our 17-month-old has also decided that sleeping in her crib isn't for her. She feels the need to sleep in any location but there. Thank goodness we had two twin beds!

Beyond the feedings and sleepless nights, both of the older girls seem to be having a tough time adjusting, which has made it tough on me and my wife. We worry about having adequate time for them and Jeb.

Katie, our middle child, gets upset if she can't be with her big sister all the time. Abby, our oldest, just wants time with me and her mom and no other kids around.

With all these "changes," we are left floating somewhere between lost and confused. Things we try with Katie don't work out and Abby doesn't get enough time. I am hoping that once summer arrives and we get back into a routine of sorts, it will be better.

Along with the changes surrounding the kids, there have been adjustments to our budget. With formula, two children in diapers instead of one, and multiple trips to the doctor, we haven't been able to keep our budget.

In a two week span, our oldest has been to the doctor three times. Her well check up, a trip for a staple to be removed from her index finger that another child put through it, and, just yesterday, the school nurse sent her home for pink eye. It wasn't pink eye ... just as we had told them. It was allergies.

Our middle child had her well check up, and Jeb has now been three times. The doctor laughed today at the fact she feels like she has seen us more than her own family recently!

I am hoping it will calm down sooner rather than later.

Mike Slawter is the father of two girls and a boy in Raleigh. He has been on his stay at-home daddy adventure now for more than a year. You can follow him on his blog.


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