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At-Home Dad: Embracing change

Posted January 15, 2013

Mike Slawter with family

As we greeted 2013, my older daughter told us that she had her list of resolutions made. She was ready for some change.

Now, this eight-year-old has quite an imagination. We were astonished to hear her resolutions. Among them: "Listen more to mom and dad, follow directions better, quit lying, help out more around the house."

We were wondering if something was up with her. This was after Christmas. She wasn't trying to get in good with Santa. Instead, she really appears to be trying to do better. An honest to goodness desire to change AND she wrote them down.

She cleaned her room up and down, took out the trash, and took down her Christmas decorations and other various things. I was beginning to think I was at the wrong home.

But as she embraces change, I am steeling myself for it because we have some big changes coming our way in 2013. We are planning for the arrival of our first son in April.

Yes, I will soon be at home with two kids under the age of two and both wearing diapers. This will be a dramatic change. Right now, I play with and follow around a very curious 13-month-old, who loves cabinets and their contents. She could care less what the contents are. She just loves to explore.

A new son will be a change for us all. We will need another crib, more diapers, two baths at night, all while doing the daily routine of carpool, dog walking, shuttling the oldest daughter to cheerleading practice and games, church, etc. Now we are throwing back in nighttime feedings again as well.

I have never been one who embraces change all too well. I am old-fashioned. I didn’t like it when my Wolfpack moved from Reynolds Coliseum to the PNC Arena. I don’t like it too much when network television changes the nights of my favorite shows. I prefer milk in glass bottles, movies in a theater and not from Redbox or on Netflix and other things such as these.

But, for once, I am looking forward to this one. My siblings and I have mostly girls for children. Out of 13 kids among us, we have a total right now of three boys. My son will be No. 4. After changing little girl diapers, fending off little boys who like to try to hug up on my eight-year-old and watching every Disney Princess movie made, I am now starting to look at Hot Wheels and G.I. Joe.

The year, 2013 will bring changes for all of us. Some good, some bad. We just have to remember to thank God for all of it each morning before we put our feet on the floor and embrace each new day that we are given.

Change brings excitement. It brings uncertainty too. Nevertheless, with uncertainty comes a powerful tool. We gain knowledge. And in my case, new things like how different little boys are from little girls.

Happy New Year to all of you! May this be the best year yet, for you and your family.

Mike Slawter is the father of two girls in Raleigh. He has been on his stay at home daddy adventure now for more than a year. You can follow him on his blog.




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  • Gr8Fun Jan 16, 2013

    Congratulations! I am also resistant to changes and we are expecting our first little girl - our son is 6 1/2. Lucky for you, you already have childcare figured out. With our son being in school, we now have to re-organize to accommodate. It's just part of will be a great change and 20 years from now those through-the-night-feedings will seem so minimal.

  • UNCW_Ash Jan 16, 2013

    Congratulations! Boys and girls are definitely different-but the differences are wonderful and bring lots of laughs. Enjoy!