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Arrest warrant issued for Mangum in Durham

Posted August 26, 2010

— Crystal Mangum, the Durham woman infamous for her false accusation of rape against three Duke University lacrosse players in 2006, could be headed to back to jail on charges stemming from a domestic dispute in February.

Mangum was charged Feb. 18 with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, communicating threats, three counts of misdemeanor child abuse, injury to personal property, identity theft and resisting a public officer.

Durham police said she assaulted her boyfriend, Milton Walker, threatened to stab him and set some clothes on fire.

Mangum claimed that the pair had an argument and that he hit her, prompting one of her three children to call 911.

After her arrest, Mangum was released on bond and was living with her mother. She was subject to electronic monitoring and was allowed supervised visitation with her three children, ages 10, 9 and 3, with the approval of social services.

Durham police ordered her arrested again Wednesday and held her on $150,000 bond for failure to comply with the visitation order.


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  • anne53ozzy Aug 27, 2010

    Am not insinuating anything. Just the facts without assumptions.

  • twannrock Aug 26, 2010

    the media never gets enough. first,I believe the guys did it and with their money they got off. and rev bv....u r the devil

  • prn13norm Aug 26, 2010

    She is the kind of trash that Obama and the Liberal Democrats want your tax money to support!

  • avidreader Aug 26, 2010

    Maybe those Duke professors will bail her out.

  • native2NC Aug 26, 2010

    I guess she's not using that degree (in criminal justice no less) that the Rev. Jesse Jackson paid for her to get, huh?!

  • wildcat Aug 26, 2010

    Pray for her.

  • Adelinthe Aug 26, 2010

    May God help those children.

    Praying for them with scum like that for a mother.

    God bless.


  • wildcat Aug 26, 2010

    This young lady needs strong counseling. Seems she stay in trouble and don't know the right road to take.

  • sctech Aug 26, 2010

    She deserves every bit of press that she gets after destroying other lives with all her lies.

  • dixieboy Aug 26, 2010

    If it wasn't her , it wouldn't be news - leave her alone.