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Three arrested in Fuquay-Varina double homicide

Posted August 2, 2014
Updated August 4, 2014

— Police have arrested three men in connection with a double homicide at a Fuquay-Varina home last month. The third man turned himself in Sunday morning.

Arthur Lee Brown, 78, and David Eugene McKoy, 66, were found shot to death on July 19 at a home on Howard Road, according to police.

Authorities say the suspected motive for the murders was robbery.

Kevin Britt, 20, and Gregory Crawford, 21, were arrested in connection with the shootings. Donovan Richardson, 21, surrendered at the Wake County jail around 8:15 a.m. Sunday.

The suspects are each facing multiple charges, including two counts of first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon and burglary. 

A neighbor of Crawford in the Fuquay-Varina's Southview Point neighborhood, who did not want to be identified, said the murder suspect lived in the subdivision with his younger sister and mother.

“I remember they made dinner for our neighbors one time and we came over and had some of the food they cooked. It was awesome,” he said. “They were part of the neighborhood for sure. It's just unbelievable to tell you the truth.”

Brown and McKoy were discovered after Ruby Bullock, Brown's sister-in-law, was asked to check on him when his wife couldn't reach him by phone.

Bullock said the home's front glass sliding door had been shattered, and it appeared the men had been robbed.

She found Arthur Brown dead in a bedroom, and her nephew, who lives across the street, found McKoy's body in a second bedroom.

The two victims lived together and worked at A.L. Brown Cement.

Brown founded the company. Family members said he reached out to McKoy and gave him a job and a place to stay.

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected, according to investigators.


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  • landonsgrampa Aug 4, 2014

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    If you have ever actually read any of my posts, your question and ranting, would not be necessary.

  • ashbabyec Aug 4, 2014

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    So now functional taxpaying society gets to house these POS for years. Bottom line: If you can't function in society like actual human being, you don't deserve life period.

  • mike275132 Aug 4, 2014

    More fun and games from a certain group in Society.

    More fine NC citizens

  • disgusted2010 Aug 4, 2014

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    You don't expect the politically correct, gun hating, liberals to hold people accountable for their actions do you?

    These same liberals are responsible for the decaying family structure and the entitlement generations which refuse to work and prey on honest citizens like wolves. If the liberals had not infected this country with entitlements that are showered on people for having illegitimate children that they refuse to raise properly and their touchy-freely politically correct beliefs that some inanimate object or oppression is responsible for crime rather than people then a good deal of this would not be happening.

    The liberal media also bears responsibility because they push this anti gun, anti police, anti work, pro entitlement, play the race card at every turn agenda.

  • foodstamptrader Aug 4, 2014

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    And a pedophile teacher molesting students has what to do with the plague of violence, murder and crime perpetrated by young black men on society? Just don't see the relevance....

  • Lightfoot3 Aug 4, 2014

    "Ages 20, 21, and 21 lives are over for robbing and committing murder for a few dollars... Lock them up and throw away the key." - Lamborghini Mercy

    I say to execute them and be done with them forever.

  • Jason Grantham Aug 4, 2014
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    At least Donnie lets them work and make arrests, unlike the jokes at CPD who are scared of their own shadow.

  • ashbabyec Aug 4, 2014

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    They are too preoccupied with finding dining establishments that serve them free food, goofing off at gas stations, and trying to stop citizens for texting. Jokes

  • Jason Grantham Aug 4, 2014
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    One guy lived very close to me...glad he is off the streets before he did it again. Why is WRAL last to report on the facts??? I also agree with how great Wake SO is and how they always solve cases, unlike Cary.

  • Ven Aug 4, 2014

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    and just like the Wakefield situation, the "usual suspects" continue to prey on all of our children seems like